Ode to my Muse


United States
39° 13' 46.3332" N, 84° 39' 30.15" W

Oh dear Muse, I don’t know your name, I can’t see your face,
But your silent words, inspire me to chase my dreams.
Because of your weightless pull, I will take another step.
Because of your gentle hand, I will never stray.
You’ve guided me into the depths of writing, and I won’t lose my way.
Because my path doesn’t need lighting.
Your inspiration flows through my veins like adrenaline.
And your creativity dances within my soul.
You are always with me, but never seen.
Muse you are a dream.
You are the embodiment of freedom, like a bird.
You are always heard.
Muse, you are a part of me.
The part I want the world to see.


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