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When I was eight I thought I'd be a princess and happy by now. Shouldn't I have subjects here to curtsey, kneel, and bow? I still don't have my mermaid tail or shiny fairy wings.
Ezekiel’s wheel turned ‘round and ‘round Fiery ball above the groundOut stepped a man to his surpriseSkin of bronze with fiery eyesHe uttered not a sound nor even a wordEzekiel understood and also heardInto the wheel spin and flyPenetrating the de
In tidings of Christmas  Round bound of luminous senses, soul and spirit  Whirling In hypnotic insanity is a wing insect 
I yearn for how life loves to love  On the bridge of experience  Every fine day blooming by the tick 
Figment and The Writer   A young writer looked down With a frown and a sigh than Suddenly with a push and a pull The words leaped up as the main character
by Debi Lyn Monday, August 16, 2021   To kiss your lips is magic; your smile ignites my soul. The solid gaze of your blue eyes ensures I’ll soon lose all control.
you were my true blue soul friend we had a bond deeper than any I had known before we laughed and cried we shared our secrets i trusted you with the deepest parts of my heart
Your sweet melodious voice, whenever strikes my ears With all the glamour, beautiful voice of yours Imprinted in love, uttered with fantasy Your mellifluous voice takes me to ecstasy
 A kiss feels like childhood When you make a PB&J You spread the peanut butter and jelly on the bread unevenly at first. Though eventually you get into the rhythm
Bouncing, running, laughing.  Gasping, Staring from shock, Falling.  How does one capture this? How does one enable this? It must be motion magic.    A person sits at a desk. 
Wizard  Here comes a man, Eating a pizza out of a pan , He carries a wand , In his right hand , What is this ? ! Not a moment to miss ! I whipped out my camera, 
she was a magician in the way she could hide her bad days smilimg smiling smiling you’d never know you never did know   Kira   Instagram: @kirapoems
You are where the sea and the sky meet-A line of the horizon that many have tried to reachBut so magnificent, so beautiful, so ever changing,that no one can help themselves There are stories you tell of merfolk and fae, that you know like they are
Eyelids teeth and fingernails clipping Something said Rub the egg against your belly Bits and pieces stuck in my head Coming back all in time I remember being 5 when it all started The voices came first
I am not your magic wand. I will not come when you beckon for my flesh. I will not grant your every wish like a genie in a lamp, a slave to your waking whim. I am not chained in bonds of service. Nathan is a free elf.
Have you ever starred in wonder At my favorite of sights A treat that’s only possible On dark and stormy nights   When the light behind a leafless tree Seems to set the wood a glow
The older you get the more callous you become Yet magic started for me at 23, Balloons and bubbles were a thing at 30 At 60, my heart became wide open ratting me out for every feeling; little tattle tale.
I realized I was done being a kid when I couldn't do the monkey bars anymore.  The second I sunk down into my shoulders, gripping on the bars above me, my feet hit the ground.  Thud. Oh boy. This is new. 
The Black Sheep feels no appreciation  The Black Sheep feels no love  Looked down upon by her own flock  Mistreated by the ones who love her the most  Well Supposed to
All I have to do is paint a portrait of somebody being dead and he or she dies in real life.I've painted portraits of my former boss, my in-laws and I also painted a portrait of my wife.
When a hush lies across the land Stillness rare and precious When the birds flit bright in the forest Sparks of the flame of life When the sea lies calm under a layer of crystals An opaque expanse of serenity
Stars shine in moonlight Disappearing in your eyes Night reflects wonder.
There's a lot going in your mind Wishing you could be away from all this The feelings that drowns out your cries The confusion path trails down Leaving drops of years for remembrance
The Internet is Making Us Crazy We can still be friends, even if we disagree,
My lashes cast off a bitter spell;my nails have bled – dripping with everycolorless sob,when I brushed them through the sunlit clouds . . .Where I was born under the rose bushes soil -- 
If magic was poetry He would be the pen that created the prose With sparking gold eyes And hair black as ravens wings Standing against an alabaster colored sky
To be free in me, poetry has taught me To express the light in me, the God in me, the beauty in me Shining brightly through me All these, poetry has taught me
Let Magic lose the Tyranny of the Reason Let Beauty be the Moon amid a hopeful orison Let Knowing overturn Doubtful agony
Hanging from the edge of the world A grip on this reality waning A river in flight and a flowing sky   An upside down My celestial home
Please fill my lungs up with sealing wax Archaic artifice is familiar; let this be how I die I could not live with myself In these twisted refractions    I could not go on
“What do you believe in the most?” -- The magic That starts When you put together Two broken hearts And find They make a whole
Lost is the magic of the moon Lost is the warmth of her glow   Still she stays, Guiding weary travelers home.  
You.   My beautifully flawed star boy. In dark moments, the one I want to hold. In light moments, the one I want to laugh with. The hands I want to build my future with.
I loved a man who broke my heart Haven’t we all I loved him deeply from the start That was my first mistake   I just should have waited
It is hard for me to say "I love you"And no, it's not for the reason you think.  
List of Things You Do Not Understand:  
I have doubts every timeYou know I doBut I can’t stop falling into the void that is youAnd even if I am absolutely sure that my poor heartWill break, each and every timeI would still choose you, again and again
The stars in his eyes  Sparkle like the midday sun Always guiding me   He supports my dreams Letting me live through white stars And the steam of my coffee   He compliments me
It was quite late at night. A fire lit up the house. My sister, called Snow White, Embroidered Mama’s blouse.   The stitches were of blooms: Some white, the others red. I sat, using the loom,
Locked in my tower  Laying in my bed at night  Laughing no longer   "Mother! Where art tho?"  "Mother? Do you hate me so?" "Mother! I need you."   Placed in solitary 
I long to see my father again Who past suddenly But just away One day we will meet again For now I have his heart at bay.   I have been the sweetest girl I wish I could of spread love more
I long to see my father again Who past suddenly But just away One day we will meet again For now I have his heart at bay.   I have been the sweetest girl I wish I could of spread love more
We all know how it goes 'Once upon a time' to 'happily ever after' The same words, the same stories, the same messages spread: 'Some day your prince will come' 'Believe in magic' 'Follow your dreams'
Once there was a little girl Whose cloak flowed down in red Carrying for her grandmother Soups and fresh baked bread ‘Fore she left her mother's house
Little Miss Magic of sweet song and sound. Little Miss Magic of perfect balance and crown. Little Miss Magic of passion and care. Little Miss Magic consumed by love and redacted of fear. 
(It was very popular throughout history to use stepmothers as an antagonist and never as a helpful character for many stories, which I feel gives stepmothers’ a bad rap.
Once upon a time… there was a lean, keen machine who identified as Dr. Facilier.  At the age of 5, Dr. Facilier was abandoned and left in a dark, gloomy forest on the outskirts of Louisiana.
Once upon a time. . . There lived a princess called snow white.Her skin as pale as snow.Her hair of ebony glow.Her lips as red as blood.Yet her beauty was still shunned.
Your miles away now, a plane could never catch you. And I'm back, I'm back to my old previous self.  The one that wakes up, reads a chapter then sleeps. The one who doesn't look for a bright light in the night to shine 
I've seen fairies  in the woods And Pirates at sea   I've seen a place where kids don't grow up And children 
i don't believe in magic but i do believe in you   -somehow they are not the same
Love, what have we here? This is the stuff of dreams, the magic of the stars. This is the beauty of the skies, the song of the heart.
Listen to me.   You are  worthy.   No matter what.   I promise, even if you never looked like this by choice, it doesn't matter, you are
    I see a man haunted by his own fears I see a man who terrorized by his own failures afraid by each step that he takes
When I was a little girl, I would pray. With my eyes wide open and my head tilted back in wonder, Struggling to soak up every ounce of happiness and sunshine I could
If you ask me of love  I will tell you that it is enigmatic That you will feel it in the trenches of your soul And in the most lofty places of your mind
Moon shineSun shineweave through the linesthat divide and marginwhat we interpret as realityonly what is tangible and experienced but what of the invisible?
Not all that is magic comes out of a black top hat Because stars burn above in pitch black. It's a clump of gas that can hardly contain itself But that doesn't stop us from looking up And spilling our hearts out.
There is nothing more beautiful More beautiful than you The sun is a mere old and rusted penny compared to the glow of your Iris blue   If I could put your sweet voice in a seashell
Being stuck on an island, devoid of possessions A state which may lead to spiraling depressions   Though I were granted a chance to prepare To minimize the effect of my deserted despair  
Well if this is magic… When I’m with you. I’ve just got broken...into two. Is it still called magic when I’m next to you? No, I don’t, it’s true..
I see clouds rising from the ground I see lights hovering above I have this trick that will astound I have it here, you will fall in love  
A world of intrigue, the gateway to unimaginable things, blue speckled plums and fairies with dusted wings foxes with three eyes furry creatures found in the dark reaches of caves.  
All I need is magic in the air. The cleansing of rain on my skin, Artemis's moon to remove sin. All I need is magic in the air. The warmth of a crackling fire, Promethius's human desire.
Breaking news! Fifty people killed in a bomb blast, Students of a popular University engaged in a riot and killed 4 students, Strippers needed for one week, Robbers attacked a bank and killed 5 guards on duty,
Come hither my cats, let me sing you a lullaby. Sleep in my arms, lay in the bed of lavender. Listen to the song of sleep, and let it linger in your ears. The night has come
Hand written with a quill pen, Growing each day, My Wiccan spellbook is my pride and joy.   I look at it every day, And it reminds me, Of who I was, am, and will continue to be.  
It’s the orchestra, using their heartbeats to keep time, pulsing with the vibrance of syncopation. It’s the crew,
There's a formula for everything these days, and I can prove more things than I can understand, And I can fact check the stars, number the sand,
As a kid when asked What I wanted to be I always said a witch. I still look back on my little self And Laugh. It's still true, Of course. I Love magic
A spell for youand a spell for me.With a wand made fromthe Witch's Tree.   An elder branch, and rosey quartswe gather here today.With Oak smoke pure, and willow leaf,we shall be on our way.
To bring about a gust of windall you need is three things:Some willow branch, and twine to tieand a place where birds could sing.  
As the night comes on With the moon hanging low Stars glittering in the sky Magic of love comes along   It fills the air with a sweet perfume Where your love surrounds me Wrapped in your arms
“Canciones de un Pájaro sin Pies” En una isla, Un hombre dio a luz tres hermosas aves de su cabeza. Triste y muriendo él les dijo esto:   Eres hijos de una madre inmigrante, hijas de agonía.
I put you in a curse
The ants go marching one by one, Green crickets chirping crudely. The picnic basket weaved of brown, The footprint of the giant, The soft tear marks of his weeping.  
I am the one who named all the flowers
Shudder and scream! A witch grows near! This is not a dream,  for the witch is here.    History is wrong.  A bad story told for far too long.       
  The prophecy to end the dark reign A hero, a boy born at July's end A revenge for those who have died in van Through life and death this boy they must defend  
people say that it was magic they say.magic as a good feeling but the word magic means power and power is magic so do you have the magic to stand up to bullying?
The tightening of the bow The pluck of the strings; Let the tuning segment begin. The audience anticipates its entertainment. This is the main event The eyes of all are watching.
Music is free like broken chains.
Beyond the sight, no one can see the prevailing energy nondescript, uncomprehensible
They see a pretty face Divine beauty insurmountable to replace I see her angel kiss freckles Untainted worth no amount of empty shekels. The strongest flower my naked eyes have seen
Some say that the strogest magic of all is true loveand while it's true that love is powerful,It is also true that without one thing, it has no power.That 'one thing' is hope.  
In a city where I wander,
Dorothy, This Isn't Kansas Anymore  
"To whom do these concern?"  How this question vexes me.  Can you not see the depth of my soul already? Have I not revealed to you enough?  Are you so ignorant that you can not decipher these yourself?
There is a world yes where a mouse can talk and ride a floating carpet
Nine… If you didn’t already know, it’s a magical number Me, I’m a magician No, not your Houdini or Potter But I can make things disappear
Magic Explanations gets lighter Happiness gets darker Magic I adore Magic makes joy
Magic   The sweet melody of music fills my ears, as I listen to the radio
Moving my spirit Enchanting beat; pulsing heart. Music gives me life.
Fortress of fabric She says come in Her eyes glisten with magic She knows I can’t win My mother warned me about enchanted women Spiders in their hearts, be careful or you’ll be bitten  
Black sleek wings tinted with blood Death dark eyes devoid of love
I remember the day, Back when it was all games, Back when nothing was gray And all you had to learn were names.   The years went by, The classes got harder.
I'm picking petals off of flowers
Music Is My Life, Let The Lyrics Be My Spirit,  The Melody's My Emotion,  So I'm Hoping That You Hear It, Music Is My Passion, To That I'm Truly Dedicated, I've Been Chasing My Education, 
So there I was, awaiting joyous as the hour drew more near us When the man would come and join us, my dear love and his Lenore. I crossed the room, nervously pacing, playing with my dress’s lacing,
Burning on the inside  freezing on the out
Books are pure magic The turning of a page can Take you anywhere.
He is the sole musician   his notes push her every movement. His rhythm sets her stepsHis melody sets her movementsHis grace matches her own.
Looking up into the sky into the endless blue seeing all the clouds passing by the green balloon bright and new The little girl was shining with glee this was pur happiness 
Black and blue colorsof the dark huesof the night sky.Twinkling, glittering starssprayed all around the skylike art on canvas.Blurry reflectionon the river water of amagnificent moon.
I need money, and i say this with all seriousness. I need money, I am alone in this world I have no home in this world will i beg, no, but i will ask, please give me a dollar,  will you give no, because you assume.
Get up, run, shower, school is in an hour. Wait... No! My clock is slow. Sh*t. I'm screwed. I gotta go.  Throw powder on my face, hope my mascara is in place, grab my keys, sprint out the door,
I am writing this poem to get a scholarship, you guys have some extra cash and I need a lot of it.
The nightly winds howl as I lie in bed, awake. I can hear the frogs.   As their endless croaks get louder and louder, I become more restless.   As I turn back and 
Hark! Do you perceive  filled to the brim with joy attentive to the music of the fey? The way the trees whisper amongst each other, the way the wind whistles in harmony, the crickets titter in tune,
In the darkness of the room I hear your still, cold breaths I hold a candle light infront of my broken body I uncover the mask you hide behind   Discovering something wild You are standing there
Once a girl was happy, light, and loved. She was white and beautiful and shown like a dove. she never did anything wrong, only did what was right. she learned it’s not okay to be colorful here, only white.
Yesterday is gone my dear friend, it has already come to an end. With all its blunders and its tears, follies,defeats and other fears.   The endless tears you may have wept,
Its something we have to come to terms with We see it face to face day by day But we dont realize it becasue until we have completed the maze that has us going a new way.
If I knew magic, cooking would be quite fine I snap my fingers once, and the ingredients are combined If I knew magic, traffic would be a breeze All the cars would disappear, only green lights I would need
Somewhere in the land of Gray There was a girl, whose name was Kay Kay was smart, Kay was beautiful Most of all, Kay was truthful A dreamer in the best of ways In her head spent most her days
What is magic For me words seem to fly off the page Creating a new world to live in Forgetting all your problems if only for a moment The rush of sword fights, lovers, unusual worlds
Lines tell stories Lines tell stories. Stories that are made up of twenty-six letters Flipping and flopping are words that we can make out of twenty-six letters
Poetry wasn’t something I ever loved. Poetry was hard. Poetry meant rhyming stupid words and phrases for grades.
The leaves fell the same time as I, Fell in love with them and all that surrounded them as they marked the onset of a colorless winter.
I am tempted by the most arcane of magics It seduces me physically and emotionally The form of magic that takes more than one to obtain
Silently snow falls through the Night air. Our baby's first winter in the Woods is Filled with Light from flame and star And the scent of pine. Kettle whistles split the silence, and
Filling my heart with accomplishment And the sketched atmosphere of the aloof stratosphere, I stretch my legging clad legs over the edge of Cloud 9
All my life I've been preparing for this day The day when I finally fly away From my home and family I must stray Because to truly live I cannot stay Oh my god, my dear god I pray
Wind in my hair, feet off the ground, silence in abundance, when no one's around. moonlight shines down, leaves blow by, maybe this, is what it's like to fly.
Magical, powerful makes me feel different, And at the same time timid and miniscule. Like the sea in the morning right at dawn, Or when it’s going down at dusk. Like a nickel, dime or quarter,
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