A Kiss Feels like Childhood

 A kiss feels like childhood

When you make a PB&J

You spread the peanut butter and jelly on the bread unevenly at first.

Though eventually you get into the rhythm

You smush the two pieces together, 

And despite the imperfections, you eat it anyway.

As its delicious. Unless the peanut butter sticks

to your mouth like that one time that guys tried to suffocate you

With his tongue.

Which is why I don't like PB&J anymore.


A kiss feels like the first time at the water park.

The anxiety you felt looking up at the water slide.

Your friend nudging you on the back.

Slow apprehensive footsteps on the way to the top.

You curse at her at how dumbs this is.

But you secretly are bursting with excitement.

Then you reach the top.

Put your legs into the tube.

And fall into the rush of water 

That isn't cold enough to cool of the rush emotion when he pulls you in closer.


A kiss feels like seeing your waiter bringing your food.

You’ve been waiting forever.

Then finally it comes.

And you can't help but smile when his lips touch yours.

I mean his hand.

I mean the food.


You see when I think about how a kiss feels with you.

I can’t describe it with over exaggerated phrases and  metaphors.

Cause although my feelings are complex.

My vocabulary doesn’t have to be.

To describe the feeling I get when our lips touch.

is one word. Magic.


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This is very cool, interesting read! Fun use of words.


Thank you so much! 

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