Dr. Facilier, The Voodoo King

Sat, 06/24/2017 - 16:55 -- chyna49

Once upon a time… there was a lean, keen machine who identified as Dr. Facilier.

 At the age of 5, Dr. Facilier was abandoned and left in a dark, gloomy forest on the outskirts of Louisiana.

Dr. Facilier crawled through the muddy grass, like a recruit as rain showered onto the earth creating pools of water.

There was no hope for Dr. Facilier, he would die before the sun rose.

Dr. Facilier was saved by Mama Odie who took him to her home and cleaned him up so that each drippety drop of dirt had vanished from Dr. his puny form.

Mama Odie’s room was encompassed with various voodoo arrangements, and Dr. Facilier felt like he was in a toy shop.

Mama Odie showed Dr. Facilier how to conduct different voodoo magic and sent him out late at night to retrieve special herbs located in the most dangerous and spookiest places- areas where no child should ever scour.

Five years had passed, and Dr. Facilier began to fill more and more lonely.

 The only company he had was Mama Odie, but she was never affectionate, she simply used him to assist her with her voodoo spells.

One early morning, Dr. Facilier managed to manifest the courage to escape and by night he had arrived too the luxurious city New Orleans.

Dr. Facilier never imagined that life in New Orleans would be so difficult for a 10-year-old boy on his own, he was just happy to be free and make friends.

Unfortunately, Dr. Facilier found himself on the streets displaying voodoo magic to make money for food and living in an abandon building that he created into his voodoo chamber.

Life was indeed hard for Dr. Facilier, but he managed to survive.

Many folks disliked Dr. Facilier and made fun of him because they thought his magic was phony and that he was a fool.

Dr. Facilier despised the nobility due to their smug attitude and inability to know what it felt to go through hardship since they were born into royalty.

 He made a vow to show the nobility what it was like to endure hardship, so that they can humble themselves and appreciate what they have.

Once Dr. Facilier spotted Prince Naveen, he knew that it would be the perfect opportunity to undergo his plan with the prince who was seeking a wealthy princess so that he could marry into more wealth and hold a higher reputation.

All Dr. Facilier needed was one drippety drop of Prince Naveen’s blood and Dr. Facilier would then be able to use whichever spell he desires on the Prince.

Luckily, Dr. Facilier was able to lure Prince Naveen into his Voodoo chamber and conduct a spell on the prince that would transform him into a disgusting slimy frog.

As Dr. Facilier planned, Prince Naveen had to undergo hardship to transform back into a prince and ended up meeting a beautiful Princess named Tiana.

Although Dr. Facilier misused his powers over his shadow friends- who completed his tasks for him- there was a method to his madness. Dr. Facilier enabled Prince Naveen to meet Princess Tiana, who he fell in love with and lived happily ever after. Dr. Facilier is not so bad after all… THE END.  



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