Autumn's Child


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40° 41' 58.722" N, 80° 2' 32.334" W

Autumn’s Child lives across the creek,

Among leaves of fire and blood

And Autumn’s Child creeps beneath the trees,

And paints his face with mud


The burning forest is his kingdom,

The golden meadows, his domain

And when the wind blows crisp and cold

Autumn’s Child calls down the rain


Through storms of amber leaves he stalks,

And whispers warnings to the wild things

Amid mushroom rings he sits and talks,

And advises the birds take wing


With haunted eyes and heavy heart,

Autumn’s Child will watch and wait

And when the shadows solidify,

Autumn’s Child will know his fate


One dawn will break Winter’s window,

And glass dust will frost the land

The ice will spiderweb the trees

Alone, Autumn’s Child will stand


Autumn’s Child will die across the creek,

Upon the skeletons of faded leaves

And Autumn’s Child will sleep until

His season wishes him breathe



Poems about nature with such beautiful imagery must be an all time favorite. My favorite lines would have to be "one dawn will break winter's window, and glass dust will frost he land, the ice will spiderweb the trees. Alone, autumn's child will stand." absoulutely beautiful i look forward to reading more from you.


Thank you so much!!


I absolutely love your personification of the season! I can just picture a little child running around doing all of this! It's absolutely adorable. (It's like a little movie in my head) I really want to read more of your work, any you suggest?



Hello TevaMayer! I'm an intern here for Power Poetry, we were truly hoping we could use this for our multimedia? Of course we will always cite you as the author.




I'm sorry for such a late reply and I don't even know if this opporunity is still available! But what exactly is your multimedia?  I'm obviously new to Power Poetry haha :P


Hi Teva--Rebecca meant recording your poem (voice or a performance) so that we can hear what it sounds like :) If you're interested, check out our tip guide on making multimedia poetry:



Very vivid. I love your descriptory words, "burning forest," "glass dust," etc... Makes me anxious for fall and sort of already miss it at once. It's hard to write new and unique nature poetry, but you've done it.


Thank you so much for your feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed the poem!


Your poem is the'm seriously in love.

Are you going to become a writer?


Haha thanks!  And I dont really know!  Whatever I end up doing with my life, writing will always be a part of it, that's for sure!


I love this poem! It's classic without being a boring look-alike. The way you've written it reminds me of legends and folklore and prophecies. This is just really beautiful. Thanks for sharing it 


I'm so glad you love it! And it's funny how much I'm inspired by myths and magic as well as nature haha I'm glad you piced up on the vibe I was going for! Thanks for your comment!


Absolutely beautiful poem! The images are fantastic. Bravo!!!!!


Thank you!!


The personification of Fall was executed cleverly. I really enjoyed this poem. By the way, did you take that picture, or did you find it? It's just because I thought it fit the poem and it looked interesting from the perspective it was taken.


Thanks! And yes, I took that photo :P I'm also an aspiring photographer!


So lyrical


Lyrical poems are my favorite sort :D It's what I'm the best at writing!


Your poem is absolutely beautiful! The picture fits your words perfectly. Your work seems so genuine and so understanding of nature's majesty and mystery.


Thanks!! I absolutely love Nature...I find it's my main source of inspiration for most of my art and writing!


Amazing- breathtaking. I love the journey it took me on!


Thank you!  I'm glad it was able to make you feel and take you on a journey!!


speachless .


awwww thankkkkssss!

Mafi Grey

Just a beautiful poem 



Mafi Grey

Just a beautiful poem 





That's a beautiful Poem! How did you get the picture like that?


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