Pink Rose Petals (12/13/13)

I'm picking petals off of flowers

Hoping fate will reveal your true feelings for me 

Over time I've been weaving this magic,

mixing this potion

of careful touches and soft glances,

Quiet words and gentle affection,

Time and wishes;

praying this little concoction will make you 

feel what I feel for you.

I'm boiling and mixing, scattering pink rose petals

meant to represent this hopeful love,

will your heart warm with feelings

as you take in their scent?


Maybe I'm reading too much into things,

maybe we were meant to keep our distance.

But I'm chanting and dancing,

making my charms 

Hoping for a chance to hold your hand.

And as a put this stopper om my potion

spritzing on this new perfume,

Please don't let me come on too strong

I just want for my love to be more than just

a "hope"



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