Breath by Breath

Tue, 06/21/2022 - 04:57 -- Creator

I yearn for how life loves to love 

On the bridge of experience 

Every fine day blooming by the tick 

Hearts of earth twinkling in ethos

The very essence of water tickling, trickling and gushing 

Their essence streams my skin sea

As a happy place weaved by thread of heaven

From luxury to power, chance by chance.


Point by point 

In sweet exclusive emotions 

Renewed by the soul of air 

Every year I anticipate 

Starts with the breath of a nanosecond 

In the mirror every second 

The reflection of divine love referenced through my lungs

Through the perfection of my Clayed lips.


Perfectly my life is figured out 

Reborn every second 

Breath by breath 

With no convincing 

Yet basic in cooperation and ticket to manifest divinity 

Dream by dream against the clock of imagination 

Rich in flowing simplicity 

Redeemed by perception and codified directions. 


I have been plumed in depths of life 

Beyond the understanding of ether, ever ready

Broadcasting to do more than breath 

For life and heart, beyond reason and choice. 

In sweet flipping fragrance of sensation 

Going up with reliance on the Universe 

Relying on me to be the magic I am 

In business of gratuitous love and tenderness. 


Breathe by breath in the pleasure of existence 

With the voice whispering ever fair 

“Breathe, breathe, breathe!”

Making my nose busy early with the plan 

Healing sweetly with magic of Hope and elixir of Faith

In the highest profile of perfection and esteem 

Breathing early before my body wakes, deciding to stay

In the laugh of life for a price, breath by breath. 


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