Discovery of one self

Wed, 08/21/2019 - 01:39 -- Kristyn

Eyelids teeth and fingernails clipping
Something said
Rub the egg against your belly
Bits and pieces stuck in my head
Coming back all in time
I remember being 5 when it all started
The voices came first
Then seeing these things
After came the meds
After 30 days dead
No more effect
But who wants to hear what's being said
All they want is the money
Feed anything to get a come back
Money makes the world go
Coming and going
Burn the sage
Time for seance and candles
Witches hour
Dead petals of aroma
Spells to dance
Fire place
Back to grave dances
Speaking to the dead
Visiting hours overtime
Speaking with the dead homies
Find the right tune
Doing reading over to kill the time
Totoral cards
Tring to understand why
Getting the best
Offerings of nature
Being reminded of my powers inside
Testing limits
Feathers to know I'm alright in time
Nature loves me
Roots to trees to trees to branches
Burning ashes
Bay leaves spells
Just in a simple town
Witches need brooms
Got a house to clean soon
Bruja elevating

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