Figment and The Writer


A young writer looked down

With a frown and a sigh than

Suddenly with a push and a pull

The words leaped up as the main character

Of at least how the writer imagined it?

“Why”, said the figure are you turning away

“Is imagination not flowing

Is the story out of play.”

“Well”, said the writer

“I’m stuck you see 

I get stuck all the time 

I can never write right

My stories never get completed 

They are never right

Is it just that I am not meant to be?”

“That is not true”, said the figure

“We are all meant to be

And no story ends

And just as it’s said 

Not every story gets finished by one author

Sometimes it takes another

And given that stories take time

Some have taken years others days 

But none can be done in one sitting.

You can do this it just takes time

But if you need help I’m here.”


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