Note to Self

I loved a man who broke my heart

Haven’t we all

I loved him deeply from the start

That was my first mistake


I just should have waited

I should’ve waited to hold that man’s hand

Because he thought he could hold more than that


I thought that his hands would be big enough to hold my insecurities, doubts, and worries

But he and I both knew that his hands were only capable of holding hands, and curves

I had to build him up, make him feel good and righteous

He was my god,

Second mistake


Don’t ever put a man before your god, for god is mighty and you man probably aint

But anyways, he was my god, my soul, I was his rock, cuz I held it down.

But that’s the thing about loving a man who got as little self-worth as you,

They’ll make you feel bad for not being there for their every beg and plead

They don’t hold you up because they’d rather pull your hair while you down on your knees.


And my third mistake is the funniest story to tell

When I took my man back after he cheated and he blamed it on Adele

You know, them sad songs that make you think and contemplate


I digress…

So I left!

Cuz I don’t make four mistakes! Three is well enough me


So ladies and gents alike, when a man walks into your life making promises he cannot keep

Don’t hold his hand, cuz then he’ll want to reap more than he can sow

So let yourself slip out of his hands like a pile a sand till ever last slither of you is away from him then transform back into the bomb bitch that you are and get on with your life!



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