The Poet


"To whom do these concern?" 

How this question vexes me. 

Can you not see the depth of my soul already?

Have I not revealed to you enough? 

Are you so ignorant

that you can not decipher these yourself?


I write these for your enjoyment, 

you can not grasp their true meaning. 

Only I can see my thoughts. 

Only I know what I've said. 

What more do you want from me?

You insulting crowd. 


Every time I put another out to you: 

"To whom do these concern?"

That is for you to discern! 

Now leave me be.

I wont see you again.

I will never reveal to you

the true nature of The Poet. 


Not Here

I actually reallly reallly wanna ask to whom was this poem actually aimed at


read it a few times.. you might figure it out ;) 

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