Thu, 03/30/2017 - 04:52 -- taj2002


25° 16' 27.8328" S, 133° 46' 30.4896" E

Your miles away now, a plane could never catch you.

And I'm back, I'm back to my old previous self. 

The one that wakes up, reads a chapter then sleeps.

The one who doesn't look for a bright light in the night to shine 

away her tears.

The one that didn't know your existent .

I remember the wrinkles that were gently placed on your lips.

I studied them how one crosses with the other that was on the south 

and drives back north. 

I remember how your eyes sparkled when you saw me and the sun still shone at them

And at night they were filled with magic.

I Could see reflections of moons and satellites. 

I could see your smile and how your wrinkles give you form.

I'm nothing anymore, just flesh and skin moving.

You don't remember when I'm cold i would weave my arms through your dull red sleaves,.

I swear i remember the sound of your heart beat, i could make a song of our so called love.

Remember i stayed when they all left, even when you are away you still make it a door and a hop away.


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