The Black Sheep

Tue, 03/19/2019 - 13:30 -- amoore3

The Black Sheep feels no appreciation 

The Black Sheep feels no love 

Looked down upon by her own flock 

Mistreated by the ones who love her the most 

Well Supposed to

Shunned by a world who sees her as nothing more than a Black Sheep 


Though the black fur only a cover-up 

It is all that is seen 

Never once does the world ask what's underneath 

Until she is stripped away by the one who only value the fur 

Do they get a chance to see what's underneath 


Underneath the pain 

Underneath the sorrow 

Underneath the constant beatings 

Is a Sheep

A Sheep full of stars that hold every idiosyncrasy

Stars that shine only when the wool is shed 

That is only seen as a weakness to the Black Sheep 


Bare and exposed for the world to see 

All she ever wants to be is just a Sheep 

Using the fur as a sheath 

To protect the Black Sheep 

Because who else can she be 

She can't expose her core so she hides


Hides behind the bleak face 

The abrasive outer layering 

So that she is left alone 

So that she can never be exposed 


One day someone will want not just the fur 

But the Sheep

Not one day but today I love me for me 




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