'once upon a time'

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Aurora is the definition of beauty- skinny and p-r-e-t-t-y. Who needs a personality when men will fall for your appearance?   Ariel is selfless and brave.
Upon this hill Beside my sheep A counterfeit king Drifting to sleep   Daisies and dandelions Decorate my throne And the bourgeoisie is made up Of sheep alone   But, too soon
Wolf! Wolf! A flash of grey A hungry growl    Wolf! Wolf! Angry looks Hateful words   Wolf! Wolf! Again they say                            Again?
Once upon a time the most beautiful of souls was born by a mother with but one hope in this world, to give birth to a daughter with a heart so pure. And it was so,
     Once upon a time, there was a young wolf who roamed all alone. He was just a young pup when his mother was shot by the big bad hunter. He knew the danger of people ever since that day.
Snow White Is beginning to notice  That when she dares Take a bite Out of the poison painted Hearts of those who Make themselves her monsters   Cinderella  Will be there 
I suppose the Disney writers re-invented me as a mermaid in order to be more appealing to children The harsh reality of how such a wonderful world could be sad, isn't exactly a children’s story
Once upon a time, A princess sat inside a tomb -a crystal coffin set by dwarves beneath the light of crescent moon-   They watched her blink her glassy eyes
Grandmother dearest, Do you remember when mother died? Your only daughter yet you never cried.  
Tangled in a situation. Mom wont let me out of the house. Captive in my own little world reading, painting, and cooking. When will my life begin?  
Once upon a time  there was a princess in distress  living way up high in a fortress she cried out each day  the birds just flew away  when a princess came walkin by 
Oh how alone he felt, and how unfair the cards he was dealt, Hiding in the woods so no one could see his pain, a mind that was slowly going insane, Each day achingly dragged on, but then one curious dawn,
You all know it: The man who indulged in Everything he could get his yellowing nails on. From bread to cheese To Meat to women.
Flower gleam and glow Let your power shine Repunzal with your hair so long You're tried to escape for your 10th time With bare feet and and grit teeth You throw your hair down low
Once upon a time The little mermaid dreamed. She dreamed of the sky And the things unseen. She wanted to walk, and to run, and to jump, But most of all, she wanted a pup.  
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall what's the fear of having a fall Down, Down into the hole. If we're asleep we'll never console the seven lost and greiving souls. I see the light
Once upon a time there was a Prince Many tales of him but most were just myths  The truth of the prince should soon be unveiled For the tale of him saving the Princess was never real  
Oh how I dream to be inanimate To have chains that bind my soul To disappear and become an object that amuses The masses and crowds that adore me   How could one do this you may ask?
"Once upon a Time"  Oh what a phrase  But it is not true  It is just a haze.    What about the stories? The ones we were told.  All with the brave princes  And the sparkly gold.   
Once upon a time, I loved you Though I couldn't get you out of my head I still hated you Once upon a time, we were infinite Then we turned out to be limited And I wondered why we still did it
"She left," my mouth had quivered I hate the words that escaped my lips My tears fall through all my wrinkles And they reached my fingertips I never thought this day would happen
Once upon a time, John Smith talked about "savages", and Pocahontas said, "bitch what?" Once upon a time, Sleeping Beauty woke from her sleep, looking at Prince Charming and said,
Once Upon a time, “You really are a funny girl” Is a statement that has followed me my whole life. When I was young my father asked me why I didn’t like to play with the other kids,
There once was a girl named Snow White Everyone in the land thought she was the most beautiful and bright Except for the evil queen, who hated her a ton
Once upon a time, a baby girl was born. Her curls were free and her eyes could smile. A voice, so sweet, her being did adorn, but without her legs, her life was full of trials.
Once Upon a Time there lived a girl, a happy little girl with a heart made of gold,  a mind full of intelligence and a beautiful soul.But it wasn't her heart, her mind or her soul people saw. It was the mask she
Dad,  The amount of times I've been called little Told I can't go outside the kingdom Swim to see the sweet sunset take over It's maddening All I want is freedom; a voice for myself
Congratulations You’ve made it this far so far And I know you’ve made a lot Of mistakes But I still find reasons To love you because I know you try You have always been there For me
Ill be your snow white in eternal sleep You think you can save me because you love me deep But my soul is as black as rumplestilkens heart I'm no one you can love true love is only a part of a fairy tale start
Mirror mirror on the wall What will be the death of us all?   She sat there making judgment of who is most fair Where dreams come true, she lived a nightmare
I'm sitting here looking pretty trapped in my tower waiting for you. At least that's what you think, my sweet prince. My long hair all golden and blonde awaiting your climb.
Once Upon a Time... Red Riding Hood, a cruel Queen of the kingdom Natural. A cruel women who would, because she could. She lived in a place of the supernatural.   She was known for unfair treatment,  
Present Day: Mary had a little lamb who's fleece was white as snow And everywhere that Mary went the lamb was sure to go. Not So Distant Past:
A red hooded figure appeared Midnight shadows scattered In the abby off tress a reflection glared The hairy, smelly, dreaded worlf showed Red eyes glared back, wold and hood The mirror showed the truth
Everyone says Aladdin is my hero, which is true, but let me tell you another lingo. I saved Aladdin Yes me- Jasmine. I helped Aladdin get off the streets Yes me- Jasmine.
Once Upon A Time There was nothing, Nothing Magical that was seen, Only the imagination to create.   Creations come to life,
In a magical castle far, far away Lived a fair princess who waited each day To be saved from atop the very tall tower Which was guarded by a dragon for all the day’s hours.  
  Why must it be, that lessons are only learned from classics? Or that fairytales never seem to talk about real human aspects? Maybe Cinderella and the Prince didn't have a happily forever after,
Once Upon a Time... a mother says as she is reading a little tale from long ago her daughter as fair as snow with hair dark as a black cat she looked like a domino  as she listened she looked at her mother
Her hand plunges into my chest Grasping my heart tearing it out She smiles wickedly as she begins to squeeze My breath is short as I start to suffocate Knees buckling while clutching my throat
Every morning the Prince calls me to polish his shoes He wants them to shine like the eyes of his princess The problem- he has searched endlessly for the perfect lover
Awake from her dream, She started to wander, Looking for the place, The possibility of wonder; "If only it were real, If only it were not slumber", But the Cheshire Cat,
once upon a time, a time in the distant. a time for the future. a time too far out of reach for the princess of today. we are the the warriors, the godesses.  the nuturers, the consultants,
Once upon a time Post happily-ever-after Two maidens, one old and one fair, met in a forest A prison all their own   The old one tells of her woes
Rumpelstiltskin is the one fairy tale that I severely  judge. As a quick summarization, the miller’s daughter is victim of her father’s insanity.
There once was a Baker with piercing blue eyes,  a cranky old Baker whom all despised.   There once was a Baker with hair flaming red, a crusty old Baker a man many dread.  
“You aren’t listening to me!” Little Red yelled at her mom. “That is not how you are supposed to be! Now make your mother proud and stop trying to leave me.” Big Red yelled back.
Snow White must of been on crack, To be at the arms of a stranger and take that fruity snack In those shoes, how could Cinderella even walk?
I am a girl whose all cooped up in 200 sq ft   I wanna talk I wanna walk I wanna run free   I'm trapped and isolated I'm bored and jaded Please set me free  
Yes I am a princess and so are you Yes I am a princess with ratty hair and tattered shoes but you must remember Cinderella was that way too Must I be beautiful, wear an itchy dress? 
Laying on the couch with my golden hair sprawled out. My big blue eyes are glued to movement beside me. I watch the figure move around through my rose tinted glasses. Putting down those pesky little hairs sticking out from his head. Setting the br
Burn me to the stake Just like the spineless all do Cluster all of your hate And boil and stir in your own distasteful stew Hail fire from your throne Let the flames tattoo my skin
Rapunzel you're quite a sight! Get up now or the nieghbors might think I've locked your door   When mom leaves, I quietly sit atop my pillows My room is lit
Once upon a time She wasn't a princess   Once upon a time She didn't know the prince   Once upon a time Her life wasn't perfect   Once upon a time
Aurora’s torso moved like waves as she slept Maleficent could no longer reach her there. It took her away from realities cold grasp. In the tide of dreams, she remained for a year.  
Restless. Waiting for her prince. Her purpose. Adhering to expectations Carefully crafted by those before her. Desiring to find her place Within her tower. The jewels and gold are worthless
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