Howling Still

Upon this hill

Beside my sheep

A counterfeit king

Drifting to sleep


Daisies and dandelions

Decorate my throne

And the bourgeoisie is made up

Of sheep alone


But, too soon

Night comes to end my reign

And the stars usurp

My small domain


Then the beasts arrive

A lawless horde

With claw and fang

With knife and sword


There are all manner of monster:

Ogres and Owls-

But the very worst creature

Is the one who howls


Mournful and mighty

A plaintive strum

I hear that sound and know

The wolves have come


I call in my sheep

And begin to visualize

My herd's horrible fate

My impending demise


You might think me foolish

But the beasts did come

And in my terror

A beast I did become


A wandering lamb

Was the first to fall

I saw only a flash of fur

Then nothing at all


Gaping at the forest

I swallowed my pride

And for all to hear


I cried


The villagers came

But failed to see

The beasts around them

And inside me


I threw myself at their feet

I pleaded and prayed

But, my most chivalrous relations

Were left unswayed


They marched on home

Leaving me to my fright

So I closed my eyes

And surrendered to the night


I knew immediately

When, at last, the monsters returned

I could feel their hot breath

Hear as their guts churned


I knew this time the villagers

Would not heed my cries

So I grabbed hold of a rock

Wiped the tears from my eyes


I choked on my sobs

Kissed goodbye to my flock

I begged for forgiveness

and I brought down that rock


I fought and fought

'til my sheep were all dead

The village was sleeping

The beasts were well fed


Just sheep, only sheep

Why should I care?

But when the villagers left me

Those sheep were still there


My kingdom was crumbled

My heart had gone foul

So, with nothing left to cry for

I began to howl







Amber Mahogany

I read this once on fate then I accidentally clicked the fate button and I spent hours looking for it again this is wonderful

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