Alice and her rose tinted glasses

Tue, 06/13/2017 - 01:31 -- dee0298

Laying on the couch with my golden hair sprawled out. My big blue eyes are glued to movement beside me. I watch the figure move around through my rose tinted glasses. Putting down those pesky little hairs sticking out from his head. Setting the brush down with a sigh and fluffing his coat.  I watch slowly as he pulls out his gold pocket watch and gasps. Yelling out loud to me "Alice my dear!! We are late! Late I say ", with a swiftness, the figure comes over with an umbrella. He kicks the side of the couch and exclaims "Alice take off those glasses!" I look at him dumbfounded and let out a laugh“What a cute white rabbit.” He quickly hops away through a small door still yelling I’m late. I look towards the kitchen table to see a tea party has formed. The occupants were a mouse, a march hare, including the well-known Mad Hatter. A close friend of mine I shall say. The Mad Hatter poured tea while sadly saying “Alice is stuck in the madness.” The occupants nodded wholeheartedly while yelling excitedly over tea time. I get distracted again the scene becoming blurry as the Red Queen passes by. Holding a bouquet of red roses, she lays them at my feet She has quite a big head on her shoulders, I giggle at the sight. “Oh, poor little Alice encased in the white. Here, my dear, swallow the red.” Sitting up I knock the flowers down, while falling they melt away. I look around observing the wind making the grass move back and forth. Everyone from before disappearing in a flash. Laying back down I stare at the sky before a big smile blocks my view.“Cheshire Cat! You are finally back ” I exclaim. The colors around me are starting to fade. The Cheshire Cat holds red roses in his hand while saying “Alice it’s time for your pills...”. The scenery completely changes to a white padded room My rose-colored glasses are gone as I am back in reality.I move around in my stray jacket looking up at the medicine man. He smiles and says “Alice it’s time for your pills...”. He holds out a few red pills in his hand I happily swallow every single one. With my rose-tinted glasses, back on I say with a smile. “The madness ha! It can never find me in my Wonderland”. 

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