Once Upon a Time

Thu, 06/01/2017 - 12:13 -- Kat_kat

Once upon a time

She wasn't a princess


Once upon a time

She didn't know the prince


Once upon a time

Her life wasn't perfect


Once upon a time

No fairy godmother came to save her


So she decided to save herself


She gathered her bags

And walked out the door

Told her step-mum "so long"

And her step-sis "goodbye"


She began anew

And started a shop

She made dresses galore

And shoes exquisite


He came to her

And was missing a boot

He asked for the girl

Who crafted clothes from threads


She answered

"I am she"

And proceeded to create a new boot


He took her to a dance

Where she wore her finest dress

He wore his new boot with pride

As they danced away the night


The clock struck twelve

And she hastened away

For she had to finish a pair

Of shoes made from glass


Little did she know

Those glass slippers she made

Were for her

To be worn down the isle


He married the girl

Whose life was no fairytale

Who had no Once Upon a Time

So decided to make her own


Though her tale was not a classic

She never wanted it to be

She was not cut from that cloth

The cloth that made

Those "Once Upon a Time"s



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