Once Upon The Truth

"Once upon a Time" 

Oh what a phrase 

But it is not true 

It is just a haze. 


What about the stories?

The ones we were told. 

All with the brave princes 

And the sparkly gold. 


How about "And they lived happily ever after."

This one blows my mind

It's just a hoax that covers up the truth 

Which is truly unkind. 


Is it all a game?

To let the child's mind run wild 

Coming up with great stories

Where the bad guys are exiled. 


Oh what a story to live in

Where the good conquers all

And true love prevails. 

And of course where the reigns of evil fall. 


What if we told the truth?

That sometimes the evil villains prevailed

And what of those brave heroes?

Well they tried to win but failed. 


Now let's think about that kind of story. 

No happiness and fun

All dark and gloomy

Only corruption and evil on the run. 


Some already know this story

Facing poverty, hunger, and war. 

Never knowing when good will come. 

Or when it will be restored. 


For now we tell kids these untruthful stories. 

Hoping to keep their innocence intact. 

Letting them worry about nothing 

Until the time comes when that veil is cracked. 


This poem is about: 
Our world


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