The Evil Queen


United States

Her hand plunges into my chest

Grasping my heart tearing it out

She smiles wickedly as she begins to squeeze

My breath is short as I start to suffocate

Knees buckling while clutching my throat

I fall to the ground so desperate for air

And it’s then she releases and I gasp

Air now painfully filling up my lungs

An evil laugh echoes throughout the room

Is this my fate that I now face?

Looking up and meeting her gaze it’s clear

I’ll never again see the light of day

Tears spill from my eyes as my hope fades

That’s when she resumes the squeezing

This time I don’t even try to fight what’s the point

A white hot pain screams inside me

Out of air I collapse becoming still

Last thing I see is my heart crumbling

Now ash it dissipates into the wind

One more tear and I become still

Lastly feeling the cold hard floor


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