Pixie Dust Hand Guns

Snow White

Is beginning to notice 

That when she dares

Take a bite

Out of the poison painted

Hearts of those who

Make themselves her monsters



Will be there 

To mop up the blood 

Like she did with the ash

Of the shadows cast

By all who ever dared 

Try to walk in her shoes


She is watching Pocohontas 

To learn how to dance

Without letting it turn

Her feet white


Like it did Mulan

But she is better now

Standing on broad backs

Shoulders molding her own

Out of misconceptions


Lending them to Belle 

Who has discovered 

Sometimes the best books are banned

And the real beasts

Are the ones who stitch voices shut

Out of fear for what they'll say


She is helping Ariel and Jasmine 

Take a stand

On carpets and tails


Alice isnt mad

She's furious

For herself and all her sisters

Shrunk down to flowers 


Including me

At six and sixteen

While I tried to 

Weave back together

Princess and powerful

This poem is about: 
Our world


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