Are you a princess?

Yes I am a princess and so are you

Yes I am a princess with ratty hair and tattered shoes

but you must remember Cinderella was that way too

Must I be beautiful, wear an itchy dress? 

I'd rather wear a pair jeans something comfy, something to set me apart from the rest


Yes you are princess so stand big and tall

You must live everyday with pride and outshine them all

You are a princess with even the one's with different complexions

You are a princess even with every single of your imperfections

You must remember you're more than enough for any prince's selection

because Tiana was a waitress and she's a princess now

You are a princess too, even if you're not sure how.


Yes we are all princesses who don't look alike

We all have different backgrounds and that is alright

Yes we are princesses,black, blue, rainbow and white

and we'll all find someone to dance us through the night  

We are princecess who stand strong and don't need to be saved by a man

We are Princesses so we'll make a way we'll make a plan

We'll make history we'll\save ourselves

Our story will be retold on every person's bookshelve


You and I we are both one of kind

We're perfect  just the way we were designed



This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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