once upon a time (Snow White Revamp)

Once Upon a Time...

a mother says as she is reading a little tale from long ago

her daughter as fair as snow with hair dark as a black cat

she looked like a domino 

as she listened she looked at her mother

her mother's eyes filled with tears big and fat 

yet the emotions of life seemed to shove her 

she never stopped reading the little tale

that night her mother died 

but the memory of her mother will never prevail

she was nice to everyone and everything  because her mom was right beside

Until one day her father decided to remarry 

heartbroken because her father did not love her mother anymore she divised a plan

she made a muffin the flavor: POISON berry

 she hiried a group of seven as a look-out clan

and gave the muffin to her new mother

and watched her fall into a deep sleep

putting her in a place where they will never find each other

she wrote a note that made her father weep

that night her father died 

she is now Snow White the Evil Queen 

and she never even cried.





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