Mother Gothel's Lament

Mon, 08/14/2017 - 03:33 -- jvilale

"She left," my mouth had quivered

I hate the words that escaped my lips

My tears fall through all my wrinkles

And they reached my fingertips

I never thought this day would happen

I never thought that she would leave

I never thought it'd become apparent

She wasn't the one that needed me


I didn't mean to "trap" her in this tower

I only did it out of love

Didn't want her to be harmed

But I was the one she was afraid of

I lost a daughter years ago

Sadly, sickness claimed her life 

Desperately, I tried to fill the hole

through a stolen baby of one's wife


I raised her in this tower

Thinking, she would love me back

For a while, I truly thought she did

But family blood is what I lacked

She asked me who her mother was

And I responded "me"

With disappointment in her eyes

I knew that she had never believed 


I combed her blonde hair every night

Helped her grow it really long

I nurtured her with love

But love simply was a broken song

I told her stories late at night

I made her breakfast everyday

She slowly became distant

I was soon the one she came to hate


She ran off with a man

And she cut off all her hair 

All 100 and 8 meters

Cut it off without a care


Now I stand outside this tower

Grieving, crying, all alone

I'm just a nasty, poor old woman

Who tried to force love and a home

"She left," my mouth repeated

"She left," I clench my fists

I'm just a nasty, poor old woman

Who will be anything but missed

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