The Boy Who Cried (Wolf)

Oh how alone he felt, and how unfair the cards he was dealt,

Hiding in the woods so no one could see his pain, a mind that was slowly going insane,

Each day achingly dragged on, but then one curious dawn,

A husky wolf he saw creeping down, towards the unwelcoming old town,

The boy squirmed unable to sit still, as the hungry wolf creeped up to take its kill,

Jumping quick the boy cried out, the people heard him without a doubt,

"Wolf, wolf village beware, a sneaky wolf is hiding there!"

The people yelled and scared it away, praising the lonesome child all day,

Feeling wanted happiness flowed, with the new found attention he brightly glowed,

But soon after the night crept in, slowly he lost his goofy grin,

For he was alone once more, which left his big heart quite sore,

"I'll just cry wolf and they'll love me again!" quickly after his plan begin,

The next morning as he awoke, eagerly the little boy spoke,

"Wolf, wolf village beware, a sneaky wolf is hiding there!"

The town came out ready to fight, but when looking around no wolf was in sight,

Smiling gently with confused faces, the people returned to their little places,

Disappointed the boy tried the next day, only a couple people stepped out but they didn't stay,

On the final day he cried wolf no one listened, but he saw something white and it creepily glistened,

A paw stepped out and then a loud growl, the wolf was back and on the prowl,

Shaking in fear they boy yelled and cried, but no one came becausse of how much he lied,

"Wolf, wolf village lend an ear, the hungry wolf is standing here!"

Glancing around he saw nothing stir, except for the ruffles on the vicious wolf's fur,

He tried again shaking in fear, but only the wolf responded and came near,

"Sweet little boy how it sucks to have lied, but because of your shouting I know where you hide,"

A cackle escaped as the wolf went to attack, at last he was able to bring food back to his pack.



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