Once Upon A Time

Once Upon a Time...

Red Riding Hood,

a cruel Queen of the kingdom Natural.

A cruel women who would, because she could.

She lived in a place of the supernatural.


She was known for unfair treatment,  

people would be beaten.

No one was safe, or able to stand up to her,

to the Queen, everyone would deter.

She was powerful, she was a bad witch.

Who she had a sister, the good witch.  


One day, the entire kindgom got together, 

despite the cold weather.

It was time to put an end to Red Riding Hood,

and they would make sure it was for good.

Her evil magic, and cruel acts, 

needed to relax.


Her sister, the good witch, 

decided to leave her kingdom, Niche.

in her kingdom, wolf's were the population

they made up the nation. 

Which later served as an inspiration.


The good witch, decided to turn into a wolf.

 a scary one.

After being in the meeting with the townpeople, 

they decided, with no light, no sun,

she would attack Hood.


The townpeople slept,

and the good witch wept. 

She was walkigninto her sister's death,

as she enter her bedroom and crept.


She was ready to attack Red Ridng Hood,

but atlast, Hood was not at her bed,

her sister in shock,  just stood.

She heard a voice, "in this kingdom, there's a reason i was crowned" 

The good witch turned around.


Red Riding Hood, before pushing her sister

out  the window of her room, 

a 4 story window, that owuld be a boom!

The good witch heard a whisper, "You wont live to see dawn"

abd from there, Red Riding Hood, lived forever on, 


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