Tangled in Between Worlds

Tangled in a situation.

Mom wont let me out of the house.

Captive in my own little world reading, painting, and cooking.

When will my life begin?


What is beyond the horizon, poking my head out the window for a closer look.

I cannot help but to think there is something calling my name.

Tangled in among a world I’ve never experienced before and the world I have been living in forever.


Will I ever see the lights?

Lights calling out so loud and bright.

Mom can I go see the lights?

When will you let me live?


I just want to see the floating lanterns gleam.

But I can only dream.


I feel so strangled.


Mom I hope you understand I want to see the lights.

Fighting for my freedom, never felt so rebellious.

There is something better on the other side.

Hope you understand mom, lights are calling out my name so loud and bright.

Aren’t you curious as well?

I do not want to be tangled anymore.


I cannot help it, my imagination is running wild.

O’dear I might have to say good-bye.

I love you mom.

I’ll see you soon.


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Our world
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