Bittersweet Beauty

Fri, 05/26/2017 - 23:53 -- Kitcait

Aurora’s torso moved like waves as she slept

Maleficent could no longer reach her there.

It took her away from realities cold grasp.

In the tide of dreams, she remained for a year.


Were there one who could save her?

How to? Nobody knew.

Only she could awaken to

Face the life which she was due.


Sleeping Beauty never looked to the other side,

When she aided the kingdom in their hunt.

Maleficent scared them, yet wished for a simple life.

Beauty pursued her, in the forest they had guns.


Maleficent sought out revenge

Causalities too high

In her forest underneath the sky.

She pricked Beauty to avenge nature’s life.


How could Aurora ever make it right?

The Sleeping Beauty would soon discover

Repercussions of that night.

Nature does not easily recover.


She awoke out of sheer will.

Strong, beautiful, no longer sordid

Saw all which had before unfolded

Aurora changed in that moment.


All which had passed, could not be undone,

Yet forest and kingdom somehow made peace.

In war neither side truly won.

This land resides where ever after is bittersweet.


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