Wolf's Little Red

     Once upon a time, there was a young wolf who roamed all alone. He was just a young pup when his mother was shot by the big bad hunter. He knew the danger of people ever since that day. He remembers nothing but the darkness and then one blast of light with crashing sound, after that his poor mother laid dead on the ground. He was just a young pup what was he supposed to do. He laid by her and whimpered for days it seems till a small child was walking towards her grandmother's house. He smelt the food in her basket as it drifted toward his nose, freshly baked dinner rolls. His stomach growled with hunger, so he left his poor mother to follow the child. The child too young to have fear and the pup too young to try and hurt her. So the child gave the young wolf pup a roll, and giggled as see ran away with her red hood fluttering behind her. The pup was so grateful to be eating and liked the sound of her giggles. Every day after that the little girl's mother would tell her to be careful of wolves, but she knew her pup was different and didn't mind her mother. She instead would come meet the pup and would give him some food from her basket day after day, she enjoyed every second with him.  As the wolf grew older he began to fall in love with the girl, she was everything and more he missed in his mother. Her giggles made him happy, the way she would lay on him and play with his fur sometimes she even drifted to sleep. The wolf craved these little moments with her, waiting with anticipation to see her every day. He loved how her eyes were so bright when she look into his, how she played with him running through the trees as giggling as he chased after her, and the way her red hood looked as she walked away. One day she never showed, he waited and waited just like before, but she never came by to see him. He was worried, but he didn't know what he should do. Little did he know his Little Red Riding Hood had fallen and was unconscious on the ground. She lay there alone for hours, while he waited. Her mother began to worry and went looking for her, and luckily found her and brought her home. She made sure that Little Red got some rest because she was badly bruised. Mother told her the next day she can go visit grandma, but once again reminded her to be careful of the wolves in the forest. This is something her mother always said, but poor little red had forgotten about her wolf because when she feels she hit her head. She didn't remember the wolf. Not the way he looked at her with love in his eyes, nor the way he chased after her playfully, nor the way she would lay on him as they drifted to sleep. She could not remember her wolf, just what her mother had said. She remembered to be careful of the wolves they are dangerous. So for the first time little red minded her mother as she went down the path. Wolf saw her red hood down the path, he howled with joy because he was worried she had left, but as she heard this cry she once again remembers what her mother said. She panics and runs as fast as she can all the way to grandmother's house. The wolf is so confused, why would she leave without saying hello, why... Did she want to go? He sat there alone and pondered, but nothing made sense. He thought well she is busy today, I guess, tomorrow she will visit me. Tomorrow came and again she ran without a single glance. Now wolf grew sad she doesn't care, or maybe she is mad, either way I want her here with me why won't she visit me. Does she not love me? Where does she go if she can't have time to see me? I just don't understand. So wolf makes this plan he will hide from now on and follow little red maybe find some answers instead. So this time he holds it in, doesn't make a sound, follows her in the shadows with his belly close to the ground. He does this day after day. Eventually he learns about grandma's house. Little Red didn't notice him following so close; he just loved her so much he didn't want to be apart. Then one day he overheard little red say "I love you", to her grandma. Oh you could see the wolf's heart break as he heard this... He howled with pain and quickly raced into the trees. He whimpered as he lay there alone. "Why would she love that lady, yet not me?" He didn't understand that she was part of red's family. He thought, was I not good enough? What does she do that I didn't? She never said she loves me. He was depressed for days about this, the one he loved so deeply, didn't even see him anymore, but found time for an old hag. Well you see the more he sat alone, the more he grew mad. So now his new plan arises. He would go visit the grandma himself, and replace her so little red would love him instead, and this is what he did. When he saw her red hood, he dashed to grandma's house. Grandma opened the door only to be greeted by wolf who was enraged. He quickly tackled her to the ground, slightly threw her around and pushed her away. Little Red knocked on the door, wolf's heart was now full, now he will get to see his little red, his love, at last. As he opened the door she froze with fear, her mother's words echoed in her head. He looked at her with love in his eyes like before, but he couldn't see the brightness in hers anymore. All he saw was the reflection of himself. It hit him all at once. Here he stands terrifying his love, because he couldn't be without her. He stalked her for weeks. He had hurt the poor lady just as the hunter killed his own mother. He sees now that he has become the big bad wolf. Just because of this thing called love.



I wanted to write about Little Red Riding Hood, because everyone fears the wolf, but who knows... I think he had an alternative motive, like love, that nobody knew about.

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