Corruption in Sherwood City

Once Upon A Time

There was nothing,

Nothing Magical that was seen,

Only the imagination to create.


Creations come to life,

Including the imagined ones.

These imaginings come to life,

Come to love.

Words, Whispers, Pen Strokes, Key Clicks,

Princess, Prince, Witch, Wickedness.


We know the Creations, but

What about the creators?

Where do the imaginings come from?

From the bettering of real life.

Happy endings are harder in the real world,

So we create them in our imaginations.


Cinderella never got her shoe

Snow White never escaped to 7 happy Dwarfs,

And the Little Mermaid is foam in the rocks.

Not everything needs a happy ending,

But that doesn’t stop us from wishing.


Once and awhile they do come out.

For instance,

amidst a dark world,

Heros do rise.

Maybe they aren’t the best, but

better then some.

The one they call Robin Hood.


Stealing from the corrupt,

Rich as they often are,

Are also corrupt,

Not earning what they have.


This is where our Robin Hood comes in,

Swinging, stealing, saving the day.

The rich and Corrupt, facing his own justice.


The city of Sherwood was full,

and they did not sit quietly by,

Letting a vigilante take charge.

A bow and arrow was no longer

Sufficient, and had to be improved.


Guns and hand-to-hand combat,

The thief had to become a shadow,

One not destroyed by shining a light.


The poor still loved the Robin Hood,

Even though he was not what they knew.


He was on a slippery path.

Petty thievery is one thing,

But his justice was something else.


The police stopped trying to stop him,

The criminals got more dangerous,

He, more reckless.

The corruption thrived.


His mission changed.

He stopped simply stealing;

That didn’t stop the corruption.

Drastic measures had to be taken.


The Corruption that infected Sherwood

Thrived  and grew,

Infesting more than just the rich.

The police, the poor, the church.


And the worst of all,

It infected the hero.

And Hero he was no longer.


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