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Depression kills Real lives. Depression steals Real lives.
The old man’s mind drifted back as he lay dying, remembering a world and of days less trying. His vitality was gone, yes his time long passed. Was it so long ago? He thought with aghast.  
assign me a causeand make me a martyrburn me at the stakeand ascribe some meaning to the flamestake me down in a rain of bulletsand tell the world I died for change  
I am not afraid of the waves of suffering.  All that I am afraid of is carrying on with my selfish ways.  Near my grave you will hear the leaves rustling. I am not fully dead, most of me will leave my grave. 
My dear friend, I miss you so. You were so young, so bright and full of life. You were too young  to be taken from this world. I miss hearing your laugh 
You unfasten the buttons on your shirt loosen the collar alter the sides tie the ends into a knot cuff your sleeves
Me and my boo, together today.  Me and my baby, sharing a parfeit.  Soon a question must be asked,  But it's a very daunting task...   Will she like it? Will she agree? 
Life for you Life for me Life is Love   I call for you you don't call for me life is Melancholy   Melancholy for you Melancholy for me  Melancholy is Death  
He came to me when I died Took my shoulders, careful calm and slow  and lifted me up in to the air. We floated high over trees and buildings till I couldn't see the ground.
Resonant foxes in lush of green The Prometheus espedition consumes Cupid hovers spectacularly spectating The caverns secretly securing alienation   Awaaiting a utopia derived by that familiar
Death dances with pride and skill The bright colors that he wears flaunt around His mind is free Life watches with envy
I left a shadow for some time which disappeared but once was mine I left my mark upon the earth a temporary scar on dirt. It's not about a permanence  it's in the actions that you take it's making someone smile again it's helping heal the hurt. Re
As you lift me on your wings And away from my home I realize my body is not all I will leave I will leave the job of my mother’s dreams
Thick adolescent throat choked on a string connecting a warm baby held to bare fleshwith a shaking man on an empty trailer floor. Somehow the boy  feels foregone warmth
Imagine something that's worse than death itself. Would your image look liike great suffering, or even a terrible afterlife such as Hell?
Humans are imposters: They are just rosters That are wearing a body and skin Some humans consider themselves a kin. But really they are objectionable
Everything comes to an end. Whether it be falling into the water, or hearing your heart shatter, your car of life will drive around the bend. Your heart will not beat, and you'll breathe your last breath.
A child sleeps in peace tonight, snuggled warmly under layers of blue blankets, smiling serenely as dreams flutter gracefully across his angelic face.
Roughly Windswept fickle hairs, Motley, many, green and fair An Intricate commodity  Blindly trampled haughtily Each so glossy, keen and thin All will fall, though none know when
curling fingers grasp cold hands tears swim in eyes forming oceans of sorrow in some furious thunderstorms in others yellow paint marked her summer dress dark blue stars dotted his button-up
In the Jungle, there is a mystery of darkness and wonders; There is a war between a mighty beast and a man. They kill for pleasure and for vengeance;
an angel stands weeping above the frozen soil who better protects the forgotten souls her outstretched mourning hands or the earth's cold and eternal embrace?
I cast my gaze upon this shell— With weary eyes and shallow breaths
I'm trying to tell you, I am, but you won't LISTEN. your cold heart blocks all emotion. LISTEN TO ME. gone. They all are. your selfishness drove them away. PLEASE LISTEN.
To the ground To the ground To the ground we go A mere game of choice were we thrown into  where time is an irrelevant paradox And nothing really matters  And everything will rot
Lonely cage lonely world lonely someone  lonely girl the hunter spotted  his naive prey he lick his chops and makes his way “because I love you”, he says with a grin
I have been in the bowels of hell, Witnessed the Devil’s breath And seen the Grace of Angels.
You were so good to me Spiriytus. You whispered to me “Go ahead you can do it,” To tell her how I feel Oh, how I loved her. How I loved you. We would talk for hours her and I.
How calm would you feel knowing I have lied? Would your eyes close in sweet surrender  or would your lips curve in a smile? I guess we'll never know now. For I am far long gone, buried by a highway.
She had a smile like the sun; I would do much To feel its warmth upon me again.   She would always feed the birds; The joy she felt, I heard Just from looking up to her eyes.  
A memory, a call, of times lost long ago. Of laughter that will always fall that day not long ago.   We missed the sign that could have changed  this rhyme to better times,
He claimed he didn’t know, He swore he was in danger, Or was it just his mind? The way he was portraying the color to himself, As just a color…  
The man called out "Oh please oh please" but the raven was fast and decided to stick, the knife went in abd blood came out, the man called out "Oh please oh please"
Pitter patter of the rain on my head Sends the fears straight to bed,  In the things gone unsaid.    And the crackle of the thunder Sending all the pain asunder Taking respite in the clouds
Your hands feel like music, igniting my soul your words fill with thought and off sweet tongues they roll into my mind to grow like a tree each swish of your hair starts a fire in me.  
I saw you last week Smiling and laughing We weren't the best of friends but we were friends
To Whom it May Concern,   I hope this letter finds you alive and well, because at least that would make one of us.  
My dearest love,    Lying here on the bloody soil, the world seems so free of toil.   Looking into your beautiful, empty eyes, those cold blue glistening eyes,  those eyes I've gotten lost in,
I wish I was able to speak to you one last time. I wish I really knew about what you were going through and could somehow change your mind.
To Grace, my almost big girl:     You’re nine, Running around and playing, Making messes, Having mom clean them up, Crying about scraped knees, And telling everyone you love them.
Dear YXU,   It has been a while! How ya been, ya schmuck? I’m busting down your doorway and my blood pressure’s up There’s a small stream of spit Trailing form the rabid corner of my mouth
All you know how to do is take                                                   TAKE                                                             TAKE
You lasted only 21 years on this 4.5 billion-year-old rock we call Earth. On a universal scale, each second in Earth's time represents 440 years.
Dear Struggling Self, You can't see the forest through the trees, you feel like you're drowning, suffocating,  just trying to wrap your head around it all.   Yes, you have had a rough four years, 
Dear Struggling Self, You can't see the forest through the trees, you feel like you're drowning, suffocating,  just trying to wrap your head around it all.   Yes, you have had a rough four years, 
Dear you  How is your life now? well the absence of I mean Is it better  than you ever believed?    Dear You  I miss you. More than you know My life is different 
Dear Life, Your fragile. we sometimes take you for granted. When we wake up every morning you give us the chance to
Dona Julia Ama, I think of you everywhere I go. I feel you in everything I am.
   New Home,New Faces       Past  and Present, blur together       Voices echo, All is the Same yet it has changed
To the me I never was:   It’s my fault you aren’t here, it is. I didn’t take that turn. I didn’t dance that night. I never tried with him. I never wrote that book.
The playground withers and grows old.  Its aging wood is taken over by the sun.  I remember when the kids would play at night;  My mother and I would watch together.  Look at how it flies, the time. 
Dear Grandpa, I remember your voice Comforting and clear The last phone call Sing for Me I hear  
I want to die So I can be as free as a butterfly I want to die My friends feel like they are passing me by I want to die All of my plans have gone awry
Dear Death, I hope you're not so bad. I hear you shine bright, Like colored lights, “Head towards the light.”  
Beside the road, a man dressed to impress Walking toward the most frightening legend He puts away the fear, that mind has no time for stress For he must not back away from this offer
I reach for her, she is not there I speak, she can not hear I cry until I can no more She does not shed a tear   I want so much to see her now
There is no synonym for suicide. Drink away the pain till you see the dawn of day.Hope was just a string, but it was so thin that you couldn't see.Jack up all the drinks you took.Say goodbye to what you knew.Otherwise, you'll end up ostracized, le
Her white Silhouette,Weaves through weeping, tangled trees,Of this once thrivingMarshland, as her screeching wails,Bear this man's, looming death 
Dear Father, I always knew I was lucky to have you for you have a soulful heart. I have always been aware of that, even from the start.  As I've grown up, you've taught me many things:
A year ago I was wrapping gifts in red ribbons shaking bells around a Christmas fire And using a half of a roll of tape per gift wrapped Today, a year later I lay in bed
A year ago I was wrapping gifts in red ribbons shaking bells around a Christmas fire And using a half of a roll of tape per gift wrapped Today, a year later I lay in bed
Dear Matthew, I often wondered about you. How you'd laughThe color of your hair, If you were strong, If you were scared.  I often wondered about you. My sweet little boy,My playful kin, My eldest brother, My might have been.  I often wondered abou
When you died I did not cry I stood there stone faced As they put you in your grave I thought I had to be strong
And there was a simple time Much unlike now Whereas she who cried Was surrounded by people Then came along something that Suffocated her mind and body Left her for dead and sung deeply
To Fear, Born side by side, but it takes a life of its own. How can you be so cruel, and play your host like a fool? You see the damage you cause, and yet never put a pause on the over-thinking, the inevitable sinking.
Death takes you by surprise You didn’t hope to realize that we are fragile and this life isn’t eternal Let me jot that in my journal. Let’s hope it sticks, just like this mix.
Dear God, The great all glorious man in the sky It's me, you're originally raised catholic girl who's grandparents installed in her your love I stayed a good girl for a long time, I prayed and I went to church
Summer gives way to fall, becomes winter Those old joyful days fade with the sunlight Engulfed by the distance, fade fainter May this memory fade to one more bright  
Age spots your hands and veins line your wrists, and your crow-feet’d eyes lie smooth against silk. I smile ‘round teeth that have slumped and have stained,
It was the first of May I shall forever remember that day, The day I let love into my heart It didn’t take long for the nightmares to start,
Step one: High five Step two: Lock the thumbs Step three: Slide hands so they're facing each other Step four: Make a two fingered gun Step five: Bang
in my voicemails is where i keep you. i have only listened twice, for good reason, because each time your voice echoes in my mind it burns a whole in my heart and weakens my body and fills up my lungs.
A child screams in the cold. A man cries for his lover. A woman dies by the words of a doctor. A boy bleeds for a victory-less war.  
Little Red and the Wolf Once upon a time somewhere far, far in the woods there lived a little Girl in Red who was raised to be "good".   How good? Very good.
Humpty Dumpty was not an egg. You may believe he was an egg As long as you must  But trust me when I say- Humpty Dumpty's name was  Henry Evans, And he was as human as you and I.
Once upon a time, things were different. All your favorite stories did not end "happily" as you may know it. Deep in the forests behind a little old abandoned house lives a mother duck who sits upon ten recently hatched eggs.
Death is sadness, death is vain,  death is painful, empty train. Death comes at us at an increasing speed;
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust Into the void now you must Ever so quiet Ever at peace Into the glorious light you seek
this story is like non before started out just settling my score. collecting souls, showing them grace, but never bare my grimly face. yet, the scene before me was like every other,
Cinderella danced with glee for only she could see, she was getting married.   Dancing in her velvet dress,  she was rather impressed, to see her husband soon.  
Okay, let's switch things around This one isn't gonna be a dumb poem I promise the next ones will  Then   Death is scary, because it's that realization when...  When you die
They sat there motionless,But the room still saw motion.They felt as if I, their soul was being ripped from them like skin could be.The feeling stopped
Petals of Quince Blooming across a tapestry of iceIvory carved mountainsreaching towards the sky  Running, flailing, gasping for air leaving pools of rhubarb jam nearly everywhere 
   Tick-Tock Goes the Watchmen clock   Tick-Tock The Watchmen has found his prey, a man not beyond his years. A man who still has many of years left to roam and play.   Tick-Tock
A stranger’s love is the best kind of love They love you until the end They know not who you are But they seem to know where you’ve been  
Refilling acts supposedly inadequateThe prodigies profiling a bombarded shard of hopeDismembering a supposed schemeWhere the benign sink into webs befitting a casket
Words such as herion and addiction, not often would you assume stem from a prescription. We curse the dealers flipping dime bags to survive yet we assume doctors only intent is to save lives.
Knight Hawk gazed at the falling leaves The brown folly they had become His heart sunk within his chest As he looked out the window high Above the freezing ground whereby
Staring vaguely ahead Hot sticky crimson dripping down Cooling rapidly Tumbling down the rabbit hole While the rest of the world whirls by   Numbing frost taking over
I am strawgrass on the backside of black sweaters, Snow caught beneath the wrists of gloves. I am the lathered pink of dew-eyed daybreak, The burn of asphalt on feet and chlorine in eyes and stagnation in growing things.
I was a soldier whose name was not knownI walked onto the battlefield, where no man roamed.I looked out to see what else existed.And I saw another who
Death is kind. Death is quick. Death is colorblind. Death is a warm embrace. Death is something I once yearned for in an unholy matter. Death is an incident I do not try to fight or reason with.
Sign me Up Here To Uterus who is not commute history Write my name Never I breastfeed from the bosom of the women in the slave market. I could not believe mystics Not ringing bells Recognition to my heart.
grey clouds rumbling over hills marked by graves of innocent blood and the sacrifice of hope.
A child does not question its existence.  Does not wonder how it came to be. Does not ask why it is alive.  A child does not hate. Does not discriminate against another's gender or sexuality or color.
The things I fear aren’t always as tangible as death  or the loss of the ones I love. Sometimes I fear loneliness and simplicity Things staying still.   From the words I devour 
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