A Letter to My Father

Dear Father,

I always knew I was lucky to have you

for you have a soulful heart.

I have always been aware of that, even from the start. 

As I've grown up, you've taught me many things:

from fishing to driving to having fun

and embracing all that life brings.

Your laugh is contagious 

and your heart is pure gold.

Such qualities that follow you your whole life

only get better as you grow old.

If only I knew how to put into words

all that I want to say,

to express how loved you are

on this special day.


Many years ago, you got very sick.

If we'd lose you, we didn't know.

But then God decided

it wasn't your time to go. 

I have learned since then 

that every day with you is borrowed time.

Nothing lasts forever. 

Not your life, not mine.


My father, my friend, 

my young years here

are slowly coming to an end. 

Please don't be afraid 

to let me go

because I need to spread my wings

in order to grow. 

My father, my friend, 

you will always be important to me

and remain in my heart,

no matter the distance

when we're apart. 

My father, my friend,

If one day you can't attend my wedding day, 

don't fret, for I know

you'll be watching from the sky anyway. 

My father, my friend, 

if one day you can't meet your grandkids

or hear them cry,

don't worry about them,

don't even sigh. 

Because they won't have to meet you

or sit down and hear it

that you're their grandfather

when they are filled with your spirit. 

I know I'm as much of you

as they will be.

Your laugh, your smile, your eyes will pass on

as well as your personality. 

But my father, my friend, 

we cannot speculate

on the future, only articulate

on the present date. 

So my father, my friend,

I shall tell you this:

you fill my heart with joy 

and my life with eternal bliss.

And when I'm 85,

my life coming to an end,

I will remember

that you were my very best friend. 

My father, my friend,

I'm here to tell you today

what you need to know

every single day.

If there ever comes a day

where I don't get to say

my last goodbye

before you pass away,

remember that I love you still

for I always have

and I always will. 


This poem is about: 
My family



Wow, that was so powerful and so heartbreaking all at the same time. I'm so sorry for your loss.

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