dear Orlando

curling fingers grasp cold hands

tears swim in eyes

forming oceans of sorrow in some

furious thunderstorms in others

yellow paint marked her summer dress

dark blue stars dotted his button-up

pink kissed her lips as she kissed her girlfriend's

orange glowed in his eyes as he wasn't judged

but all they ever saw was red

pools of scarlet scarring the club floor

color draining from faces

and hope from hearts

a safe space turned destructive

and forty-nine

forty-nine beautiful





innocent people died


it was a hate crime

gay, lesbian, trans

it was hate forming capsules that

sank into flesh

ragged claws digging into skin

waving veins like ribbons

crushing bones into dust

it was hate

hate against those who dared to love

to live

to exist

twisted words foamed from the attacker's mouth

like a rabid dog

tunnel vision for those who couldn't help themselves

the attacker howled in fury

unforgiving of brown skin

scorning intertwined hands

this was no accident

this was pure loathing

yet despite the horrors

that will haunt some forever

people stand strong

slowly bringing back bright hues

washing out the grey

turning to the stars

with renewed hope in hearts

they exist

we exist

I exist

and we deserve to live.


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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