Knight Hawk - Determination

Knight Hawk gazed at the falling leaves

The brown folly they had become

His heart sunk within his chest

As he looked out the window high

Above the freezing ground whereby

Knights of Royal trained as their best

His Knight Master watches him

From behind while his sad thoughts grieve 


The Knight Master stares at Knight Hawk

Wondering how a once great potential

Became such a dreadful disappointment

He shakes his head before turning

Leaving Knight Hawk alone in shaming

Knight Hawk feels his Master's present

Frustration, but knows not what brutal

Barriers prevent him from achieving unlock


Thus Knight Hawk spends his days locked away

A beautiful Robin his only companion

But if only she knew what Knight Hawk felt

If only she would look up from her training

To see Knight Hawk and his soul bearing

He holds his chest as pain in his heart melts

All that he thought he was with simple opinion

He tears through the door of his indefinite stay


Knight Hawk trains harder than he has before

He sweats through his tunic day after day

Even while the snow begins to ground saturate

He shrugs through the numbness he feels

As a warmth in his heart fuels his fiery heels

The Knight Master makes note his pupil's strong state

He approaches Knight Hawk now when he may

Encouraging the newfound growth to roar


Knight Robin takes note of Knight Hawk's symbol

Upone his chest a golden broach of his namesake

A gift from the Knight Master of Knight Mastery

Knight Hawk has become a Knight of worthy

Knight Robin approaches Knight Hawk eagerly

Knight Hawk bows politely as he grins happily

As a storm stains the sky a deep black quake

And arrows fall, destroying the Knight Realm peaceful

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My country
Our world
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