The Question, Unanswered.

Me and my boo, together today. 

Me and my baby, sharing a parfeit. 

Soon a question must be asked, 

But it's a very daunting task...


Will she like it? Will she agree? 

When I finally bend down on one knee?

I shiver in anticipation,

My heartbeat heard across the nation.


Quietly, I whisper in her ear:

"I have a question, can you come here?"

She nods her head with a smile. 

I love her so all the while. 


I lead her out, away from the crowd. 

Her answre could be very loud...

Will she laugh, will she cry?

Will she say no before before saying goodbye?


We are alone now, the sun is setting. 

My hope, my love is what she'll be getting. 

She looks out across the sea, 

And gently smiles back at me.


But then, a dark figure comes into view.

A dark shadow appears out of the blue.

I catch a glimpse of a sword, glistening red.

I look at my baby, I look at her dead. 


Her face is in pain, her eyes glazed over.

I have no words, I simply hover.

Slowly, I bend over her body.

The blood on her shirt has become blotchy. 


Slowly, a tear falls down my face.

Our future is forgotten, a disgrace. 

Now, I will never again see her smile. 

Never watch her come down the isle. 


I scream until I feel a pain in my head.

As my tears mix with the growing puddle of red. 

I look up to meet her attacker, 

But they dissappeared after the slaugher


I hug her corpse, a chilly embrace. 

Then sirens come all over the place. 

Me and my boo, together today. 

Me and my baby, who was taken away. 



(Originally written in June 2018.)

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