Mon, 12/14/2020 - 12:47 -- Baya

My dear friend,

I miss you so.

You were so young,

so bright and full of life.

You were too young 

to be taken from this world.

I miss hearing your laugh 

in the hallway. I miss standing at your locker

before classes started, so that we could exchange




We had many good times, 

my favourite times

were when 

we'd be laughing so hard

to the point that we'd be crying.

That was when I'd genuinely laugh.

You were my best friend, and that,

you'll always be.

Your soul was pure, 

and it was full

of good.

Only 15 years of life,

15 fucking years.

If I could, 

I would bring you back,

no matter the consequence.

But I can't, because 

it's just not possible.

I love you,

and I regret not telling you that.

May you rest in peace,

my friend.

When we meet again, 

you can laugh at me all you want

for all of my mistakes that I've made

while on earth,

and I'll laugh with you.

We'll laugh so hard,

until we start crying, 

remembering our time together,

when we were young,

when we thought 

we'd all make it out of high school together,

only to learn 

that life isn't always 

what it seems.

Because life is a precious, fragile gift.

I carry your memory

with me, every day,

wherever I go.

I carry the loss

of my best friend 

every day,

and I'll carry it with me

for the rest of my life.

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