The Rose

Tue, 10/31/2017 - 23:52 -- kaylar2

It was the first of May

I shall forever remember that day,

The day I let love into my heart

It didn’t take long for the nightmares to start,

The growing fear of rejection

The ever-increasing overprotection;

Let me walk you home

Why not take a week and join me in Rome.

He became afraid to leave me alone

When he was with me he would go into a sorta zone,

He said it was for me

He said it was for my safety

He said it was because he loved me.

But this wasn’t love

I would never get my fairytale doves

I received a blood red rose, but;

I knew somewhere, in my gut

I would not live to see another day

Let alone another May.

To ring true my prediction

Not long after I received my first crucifixion,

Because I misbehaved

He told me to be brave

He was only doing this because he loved me.

But this was not love

This was control and fear

This was not endearment

This was not him making me better

This was making him wetter.

One day it went too far

He was out at the bar

He came home and began to beat me

He beat me with part of a tree.

It went too far that night

I tried to fight

But I could not overpower him

While fighting I noticed the light begin to dim

My eyes slowly drifted closed

The last thing I ever saw was that blood red rose.

He did not beat me because he loved me

He beat me because it made him happy,

He did not love me.


If his love was true

He would not have beat me black and blue.

He would have sat and talked

Maybe taken me on a walk,

If he wouldn’t have yelled

Perhaps are hands would still be held.

If he would have treated me as an equal

Perhaps there would have been a sequel,

But alas a healthy relationship was not my story to tell

So it is here that I must bid you farewell.


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