Dear YXU,


It has been a while! How ya been, ya schmuck?

I’m busting down your doorway and my blood pressure’s up

There’s a small stream of spit

Trailing form the rabid corner of my mouth

I’m coming to destroy you!

I rile and I tout


But I also wish to save you

Wish to scream, cry, and rouse

Want to shake you back to life

And let your anger fill this house


. . . once more.




I wouldn’t say it if I meant it, fren.


The way you twirl so innocent

Your eyes filled with divine

The way you grip my innerds ‘n

Wrench them to the outside


The way you whine, and beg, and moan

For your savior to be me

The way I lead you on until

You realized you were in equal company


True blue your eyes are downcast

You think your worth is nothing


True me I’m always hurting

And can’t pinpoint the suffering


To you who always frowns and yet tries to conceal

Welcome to my madness

The smile’s come free with the meal


We all got a little crazy

And yours compliments mine


But your brand of depravation is contagious

I see it all the time


So I’ll rage on in my thoughts

Whilst trying to unfurl

The way you look right past me

Until you have thoughts to hurl


Truest blue, you were never mine

To love, care, or possess,

Yet here I am embracing you,

It is me you have chosen to allow caress


Each time we’re together and the awkward passes

We’re left with only ourselves

A broken you and an optimistic me

Let’s forget these unholy shells


Let us bash our brains in

Let us defile our bones

Let us tattoo our insides out

until all that’s left is stone


Let us remove the ineloquences

Let us relinquish our grasps

Let us join hands in freefall

Let us hit the pavement fast


Or just me, doll, hopefully you hit it last

And I can cushion your blow

And the weight of your past


I don’t love you, I cry

I don’t need you, I lie

I won’t touch you, I deny


And each time I rectify,

A little more of you dies


So, instead,

I’ll try


For someone who doesn’t care if I crash

Or fly


This isn’t my last good bye,


Though I wish it was.




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