this story is like non

this story is like non before

started out just settling my score.

collecting souls, showing them grace,

but never bare my grimly face.

yet, the scene before me was like every other,

another shooting, humans keep killing eachother.

a young women about 26

and a shooter with a closet of sticks.

all that needed to be done

was collect her soul.

not look around, not check the scene

not figure out, what this death would mean.

oh, but i failed.

bright green eyes shown from under the bed.

tears running down her face so red.

and vengence was the only thing she left unsaid.


the shooter never saw, me nor her

and left the scene, voice unheard.

yet, the darlings eyes didnt leave my frame.

and just like that, i had to know her name.

against all rules,

and sanity,

i collected the child as well.

not knowing, it would damn me, to this cell.


hair blacker than any abyss

and a tiny cute, little lisp.

Lilth grew with me, made me grow.

showed me things, even i couldnt show.

the tiny child about 8 or 9

pale and benign.

before we knew it she hit 23

skipping through feilds of the dead with me.

black lilies, at the loves request.

and the beautiful moon, watching the death.

Lilith became fond with i, the reaper.

and this is where my story sinks deeper.


with love in skeltal hands

nothing could stay, why would it withstand.

but Lilith loved my immortal soul

and kissed me, dooming us both.

for when her lips touched mine it changed her indeed.

paler skin and sharper teeth,

my own snow white

for the devils greif.


of course, with fate, the Angels did not agree

with love between a human and me.

they tricked my love, with an apple so bright.

so they stole my darling that dreary night,

flicked back the clock

making sure she wouldnt know whats lost.

planting the young, now demon girl, in a family of humans.

no longer would we play our games,

nor would me dear remember my name.

so i leark in the shadows

in dire grief..

waiting for my love to remember me.


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