A Strangers Love

A stranger’s love is the best kind of love

They love you until the end

They know not who you are

But they seem to know where you’ve been


You know their story

Told through your hero’s eyes

Watching their every move

Noticing the joy, happiness, and pride.


When you first met your stranger

Your palms begin to sweat

The smell bitter and rotten in your nose

And closing your eyes making yourself a bet

But once they are in sight

You release your clenched fist

Getting better than what you expected

Their smile warmer than a kiss


Still keeping the promise of unconditional love

Yet, they leave quickly as if they have to run

You go on with life with uncertainty

Not knowing if they will ever return


When bad turns to worse

When the stranger can no longer provide love

You vow to yourself to keep their story

Singing it, reciting it, remembering it as if it were your own


So you see a stranger’s love is the best kind of love

They love you past the end

Not knowing who you are

But knowing where you’ve been

This poem is about: 
My family


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