Draw Bridge

Refilling acts supposedly inadequate
The prodigies profiling a bombarded shard of hope
Dismembering a supposed scheme
Where the benign sink into webs befitting a casket

Coffins align themselves with waves
Breeches of trust detaining equilibrium
Flames sprouting their hideous wisps
Shoulder must the mother her son’s corpse

Rich veins building with anticipation
A mask scratched by those without hands
Those seeking to undermine a label
That composed itself as a qualified mistress

Dead, on a stream befalling a weeping child
Showers of red hues glistening with burly wind
Groping claws reaching deep inside
A womb now a chasm for gluttony

Wires spiraling out of control
Their rusted authors fathering infection
As replaced mirrors out score the applicable measure
Decoration a substantial façade

Listen, to the chiming javelins
Stuck within the boundaries,
A colliding frenzy of stone and earth
A messy collision subscripting noise into a bounty of vibration
Outmanned hearts, their voices hoarse in the storm

Let attention fall on broth
The ever clandestine moon Withering                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Beside a sloth of a nuclear bomb
Now sucking on marrow too parched for nourishment

Fold your hands on clay
Mold the screaming appliance into submission
Its crumbling attire crying under flesh
Rotten have fruit mustered only indifference

Savored have you such incomparable cumbrance
Where the ground lay sway your hovering animation
Throat clogged by swelling anger
Against all who suppose a different path

Grow, supply yourself beneath the waves befitting maturity
Watch the sand drift past time
Allow oneself to take up challenge
Turn away those quandaries
Lest they tear down your shaken ire

You, prolonging repost
Thinking widespread sorrow
Follow the footsteps set forth
Strike down with great fury
The hollowness swallowing you whole
Clamber no more on self-pity
Virtue must be attained,
You must burden no longer this denial.


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Our world


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