Depression Steals Real Lives

Depression kills

Real lives.

Depression steals

Real lives.


Is not the answer.


Is the profound desire

To love oneself, to be proud,

To hope and to cry out loud

That happiness and success

Are waiting near the corner.

Suicide is evidently not the answer.

Joy can neutralize anxiety, anguish and anger.

Depression is a bad disease, take it seriously.

Nothing is simplistic, simple or easy

In life.  Stay active, keep your mind busy;

So your spirit can soar up to the moon

And come back safe and sound. Be a spoon

Full of hope, love and sweet honey

Which can tickle and energize body and soul.

Trial and error is not bad, not failure, only a fool

Will think so. The best is yet to come, tomorrow. Easy

Come, easy go, and easy know. That’s the reality

Of everyday life. Success is definitely relative.

Keep on looking forward like a stubborn bee.

Be strong, positive and not be overly sensitive.

Be naturally optimistic. The past is full of flaws

And every day is a new season for fresh flowers.

Even when the proverbial glass is empty,

A few drops of rain may accidentally

Fill it up to the top, to the periphery,

Completely to the brim,

Obviously to the rim.

Hope is not expensive.

Everybody has hope.

Anybody can hope.

Hope is colorful and extensive.

Hope can destroy depression,

Evil or ill feelings and isolation.

Use your words to soothe the pain.

Be your best friend all the time. Be vain

To protect and to celebrate your life,

And you’ll be able to defeat any strife.

Conquer yourself, while doing so,

You’ll surely escape or defeat the undertow.

Danger is certainly everywhere.

Be attentive and be not afraid to dare.

Strike depression early to make it feeble or vincible,

As you seek more help, aid or support.

You’ll definitely be safe and untouchable,

Before the ship leaves the harbor, the port.

Danger is always lurking somewhere,

Be resilient! Suicide is not the answer.

You can defeat depression.

You can always find a solution.

Take depression seriously.

Be a spoonful of hope, self-love and sweet honey!


Copyright © January 2022, Hébert Logerie, All rights reserved

Hébert Logerie is the author of several books of poetry.



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