Simple Time

And there was a simple time

Much unlike now

Whereas she who cried

Was surrounded by people

Then came along something that

Suffocated her mind and body

Left her for dead and sung deeply

Of wounds soon to come

She is nothing but a useless

She is nothing but a worthless

She is nothing and she will never be

‘Kill yourself you damned child I hate’

A voice that will always resound in her head

You are but an ugly thing

Which should be dealt as such an item

Someone who cannot matter more

Something that will never be

Take hold upon an object that glints

In a light too dull to be joyous

We leave her alone for a night

Only to find her gone

Not a trace is there to search with

Though lay a single object on a dresser

Brings tears streaming and gasps about

For they can see what she has done

Now they can see what she felt

If you appreciate such a lovely shade

Allow her to dress in such a tone

Where her skin glows sickly reds

Cold and unmoving is she

Deathly pale now like she knew

With a hatred they never recognized

She floated gracefully in an endless void

Quiet it was once more

And there was a simple time

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My family
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