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New Home,New Faces

      Past  and Present, blur together

      Voices echo, All is the Same yet it has changed

      Awakened. Barely aware of the place that I'm in.



I am Invisible.

       I am Not Seen. I am Intangible. I am Not Here.


     A Freak, sideshow attraction, dressed in White laces.

     Chains; Shackled in this Deserted cage

                          Their eyes just go right on through my Hollow Soul.  


    I am Dead.

        I am Invisible. I am a - Ghost.  I Haunt this place.


      Realizations Plague my Mind.

      Explanations, answer my final quest.


            I am dead. I No longer Exist here. I Haunt this place.


      Not Ignored, just unaware. Unfinished Business.

                            The Living Walk where I now Float through Routine.


           I am invisible. I am a ghost. I am the Hunted.



 Stuck between Worlds. Lenses glare with such Bright Flashes.

   Fighting to Stay Alive, only to Fight to Die again.


       I am not seen. I am a ghost. I am the  Resurrected.


   The Day. The Time. The Moment Disappears.

   How did it Happen? When did it Happen? Why did it Happen?

   Memories Drained. Fear only to Remain. Commanding Me.


   Laughter.Taunting. Tears. Screaming. Smoke rising.  Empty Barrel.

                   Too much. I am Dead. I do not exist Anymore.


   The Resident Ghost. I Haunt these Halls.

   Students Shiver in my Presence. How Long ago?

   Eyes Closed. Colors Flood in, Crushing me.


                Red to Green; Green to Black. Black to Red. Now only White.

   Rushing Water, Rotting Rope, Smooth Metal.


        I  am dead. I am a ghost. I am dead.


   I haunt these halls filled with lockers and books.

   I am haunted by Many. I become the Hunter. I Die.


       I am dead. They Killed me. I am the hunted.

      The Laughter causes equal Pain. The Red Returns.

        They hurt me. I stopped the Hurt. They Killed me.


                      I am a Ghost.


   I haunt these halls with whispers and tears.

   This Solemn place, these Pathetic Souls.

   I am the hunted. I am the Haunting.


              I am Invisible.


     I am not seen, yet I make myself Known.

   This Cold air, these Unexplainable events.

    I am the  resurrected. I am the Haunting.


            I am The Dead.


    Their Harsh voices, Commanding Me.

   I can Never Leave,  Until  Vengeance is Gained.

   I am the Hurt,  The Remaining echo of the Past.


                                    I am the Haunting.

                      The Ghost of my New Home.



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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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