Heart Feed

Humans are imposters:

They are just rosters

That are wearing a body and skin

Some humans consider themselves a kin.

But really they are objectionable

Of the title that they felt unobjectionable.

Having the title “Superior”

Indeed makes them inferior.

Because of that self-proclaimed title

Like they ever needed it “Vital”!

Their fraudulent structure fails in time.

They think that they are prime.

They deceive other species, acting all superior.

And no one believes that we’re really inferior.

With bodies with bones so frail,

With skin as moist and pail,

And with great minds that think alike

No one knows what it’s really like,

For this world, it has a cost

Many good times are lost.

Being alive is taken for granted.

New crops must be planted,

Only to please my being

And only I am seeing

The corrupted society

Where much of the variety

Takes up less space

Less than the human race

With many sights for seeing

We see really no meaning

We don’t even try to see

The truth that it would be:

That we are not superior.

We are in fact inferior

With no bones that are frail.

With no skin that is so pail.

And no minds think alike.

No one knows what it’s really like.

For this world, it has a cost

Many good times are lost.

One cannot enjoy

A moment filled with joy

Without a tragedy

That comes with gravity

Within the blink of an eye

Joy is not an ally.

Death is a vulnerability

That takes away our ability

To be called the top spot

On this well thought of food web we’ve got.

There is one way though

That we can really throw

The food chain off the tightrope

And this will give us hope.


It is a speciality.

That will put us at the top.

All humans are heart feed

Death takes the lead.

We will never be immortal

We will always be normal

About our great minds that think alike...

“Give me a break, go take a hike!”

We have great minds, no doubt.

But we have caused a drought

We brag and steal the title

The title that belongs to Death.

All beings are heart feed.

The meat and nutrients that Death need
No one being is superior.

And in our interiors

We don’t stand a chance

At getting an advance

To rising up above

Into the spot we all love.

That’s the way it is

And this is humanity’s quiz:

We better stay in second place

Or we won’t get a space

In this wonderful world

That we stay in a ball, curled.

We never expand our wings

And fly to see things

All we do is stay

Because we have no other way

To fly high into the clouds

And impress all the crowds.

That is my reason why

Eventually one will die.

We are not immortal

Therefore, we never get the moral.

The story says, loud and clear,

That we are not the leaders here.

We are a mere existence

That won’t always have persistence.

Nature will come at us

And make a fuss.

We are not nearly right.

And we won’t stand a chance in this fight

Nature always wins

Nature takes our sins

And turns them into a threat

To destroy our very bet

That we will live forever


Not even that can be achieved

For all we have received

Is the chance we have wasted

On our stupid picture we’ve pasted

On the front page of “Humanity”

That, right there, has destroyed all of Nature’s sanity

And therefore has us beaten

Until the unsweetened,

Sour, fruit has ripened

It will soon be at its ripe end

That’s when we turn to Heart Feed

The end that we will all need

The end that we will all meet

And the end that we will lead us to our forever seat.


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