Life's Worth

Fri, 02/02/2018 - 13:46 -- tcb560

Dear Life,

Your fragile.

we sometimes take you for granted.

When we wake up every morning you

give us the chance to

hug our moms, dads, grandparents,


Not everyone knows what your

actually worth.

People can't comprehend what you've given

them that they leave you so easily.

You are: breathing, eating, laughing, crying.

Nothing can compare to the daily

struggles of you, but nothing can compare

to the daily happiness of you either.

To feel the wind in your hair, to feel the

beat of your heart, to feel afraid; to want,

to need, to breath, to leave, to ride, to die.

you give us these things.

You give us this choice.

We want, we feel, we sleep, we eat.

Life, you seem so simple, yet your so complex.

You are a form of expression.

To live or not to live, it’s entirely up to

us, its entirely up to the drunk driver, the doctor,

the machine, the drugs, the alcohol,

the needle.

Its entirely up to you.

You should be cherished.

Help us remember what we really have to live

for: the love, the laughter, the breeze, the

Sun on our skin on a summer day, the

cheeseburgers, our friends, our family, our

future, when we can look back on

the time we spent contemplating taking our

own life.

We'll thank you for being strong,

for helping us look in the mirror and acknowlege

that we are worth it.

You are worth it.



  Tria (a beholder of your gift)


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