Here Comes the Bride

Cinderella danced with glee

for only she could see,

she was getting married.


Dancing in her velvet dress, 

she was rather impressed,

to see her husband soon.


Cinderella knew it was true,

when she lost her shoe,

he was the one for her.


Cinderella held a plate dearest to her,

for it never caused a stir,

she purchased for her prince.


Happily skipping to his room,

her world turned into doom,

for the prince no longer loved her.


Slowly she saw her hideous step-sister,

smooching away on her mister, 

as Cinderella's heart shattered to pieces.


The prince slowly glances at Cinderella,

who knew he kissed a fella,

the prince lightly pushes her away.


The prince begs for mercy,

begging that he is trustworthy,

causing Cinderella to shriek.


Cinderella smashes the plate,

forgetting their first date,

everything fading away.


Cinderella grabs a piece of glass, 

for they could no longer pass,

it was all over.


Cinderella stabs their bodies, 

as if they were nobodies,

harming the world forever.


Cinderella stands covered in red,

feeling so very dead,

Cinderella cuts her neck open.





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