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There is no revolution but The inner revolution of  The deeper revolution of The utter revolution of  The soul. And I am only free when I Can feel that I am free to truly Know that I AM FREE
Little do they know,  As they march along the streets, bearing flags upon their shoulders— As they raise their banners high with faces strong and filled with purpose—
On the edge of a parapet stands a young person  with nothing but wings made of wax and the boldness to jump.    We were told as children that the myth  always ends in tragedy. 
Crack, boom, pop The news ricochets around the room like a bullet It explodes in our ears Crack, boom, pop Right near the playground The report says
"Support my rights" you say, "I do, but I want to live another day." The fear and panic has begun It's not a drill, our time is done. Silence. Tears. Texts and calls. Some will live and some will fall. 
"Support my rights" you say, "I do, but I want to live another day." The fear and panic has begun It's not a drill, our time is done. Silence. Tears. Texts and calls. Some will live and some will fall. 
When I got on my knees for church And asked who am I doing this for? When I watched a man die on the street And wondered why anyone need be poor? When I heard students cry out for peers shot dead
Silence is the real menace Cause it will weaponize our fear And one day turn back around To when my friends were all here   Billy went to fight in the war And didn’t return the same
We fight to bring hope  to the hopeless…   To the voices who have refused to work out of fear of being hurt   for an idea…   Our words are our greatest weapon
What kind of a world do we live in Where children who are just learning How to read How to write Are gunned down in their classrooms
Co-written by my friend and trusted poet, Annabella 'Anni' Gonzalez Democracy and Democrats, I thought they coexisted I grew up hating communism, and yet I still do
my  mother says that I came into this world Fightingfists clenched, two months too earlyborn beneath a clouded november skyon the verge ofSomething.
I am an activist because women have no say, because kids think abuse is normal, because suicide is a game; a twisted version of a competition where killing yourself is a form of entertainment.
Undocumented aliens, Racists see them as the enemies They’re trying to make a living for themselves, Not to mention for their families. Getting deported by I.C.E So hard to comprehend
A ban on one is a ban on all for the blood that’s let the oxygen inhaled the emotion felt the heart that beats they are universally one and adhere to no borders or  boundaries
This piece is a comment on gun violence in America, an issue I am incredibly passionate about. I participated in the March for Our Lives in my city and have been a vocal part of my community on this issue.
Nature is the biggest inspiration we all have And we destroy more of it every chance we get We exert the same lack of respect and love onto this land
All these issues in the world, don’t sugar coat it. I know you that you know this: slavery was supposedly protected by the bible, I hope we grow from this! Separating families is legal only because of POTUS.
"we're going to write poems" my heart dropped to the floor. "we're going to write poems"  my brain croaked with lifelessness. "we're going to write poems" and i pursued an escape.
Poetry has taught me That even without conversation There are still ways To inspire ideas To express emotion To connect comrades Even without conversation One can always use their voice
Through the trials and tribulations, the shouts and the screams, I will fight for what I believe, because you can’t silence these dreams.  Like Ms. Angelou I will rise, through these riots and protests,
The words run into a wall blocking my throat  clogging it    (am I breathing right?)   My hands twitch the words overflowing  filling my skin ink between my fingers 
    i blind those that blaspheme my   omnipresent and invisible nature.   to my shoving nudges   you deny and you tear   and shield your eyes from  
Don’t tell me I’m not gay. The “phases” are phrases you like to throw out When you’re angry face goes to the riots to shout. How dare you call me out on a “fault” Like there’s somebody I am going to assault.
Toes curl below ragged skirts,  her eager eyes lit with meager heat,  a single match.  Visions of food, of shelter, of home  all she wants diners devour meat  girl devours sight 
There is a spray tan in the oval office.  I don’t want to hear from the Tangerine Man about his wall.  The word ‘them’ has a greater capacity to separate people than any wall. 
  I pledge allegiance to the Racism of the United States of America, and to the Rich, White, and Wealthy for which it stands, one Nation under a Christian God, divisible,
Do not tell me I did not love this place The home in which I live These things that I've done in its name Are not yours to forgive   For weren't we just children Who loved a place too much
White hoods Confederate flags Burning crosses Callin’ us “fags” Vicious and violent Even if they can’t reach us. But we don’t stand a chance If those who could help don’t show up,
January 20th, 2017, a man who fought the oppressed captured the nation A man who said the gays should be prayed away to appease creation A man who is bribed to poison the air of our nation
Imagine free-falling from the mountainside to the earth. Watch the trees die and woods stand still in mourning. Can you feel that, the tell-tale heart pitter-pattering with adrenaline? Or is it nerves,
we are america the brave   do you see us?   we are here feet pressed firmly into american soil and we will not back down these are my sisters and my brothers 
Question one. How did Nazi Germany rise to power? A) Religion B) Scapegoating C) Nationalism D) All of the above.  
These days children are crying Old people are dying The privileged are whining "Why can't everyone have MediCare!" "That's so not fair!"
I Hi there! Please go away now! You don’t belong here!  You don’t look like us, You don't sound like us, and You don’t do things like us!
For years and years I was filled with fear
Our skin is not as white as snow Does this make us worthless? A lot of us grew up in single parent homes Does this make us inadequate? We commit the same crimes But why do we only get the life sentences?
As I grow and learn and mature in a world where all number of things (but especially people) are sorted and labeled, shoved into boxes like leftovers into too-small containers,
I am an activist An advocate for those who don't have as good of a life as I do I acknowledge my privelege I am white, I am not oppressed   I am a feminist Intersectionalism is most important
Mad MonkThick black smoke bellows skyward from the cobblestone square.
I  am crumpled. I am tumbling through a busy street- not lifted by this wind but dragged.   I  am breathing. I am lucky the paper bag is about
Who am I but a figment of my own imagination? A lie. An idea I’ve used to claim the land of four nations. Who am I?
Uncomfortable in that chairbut still no one seems to careI'm out here full of fearI'm bout ready to tearI know the truth is out therebut I just don't where
Stuck in the same routine, change only when I come clean,mean what I say everyday, it's the only path to a brighter way,light comes throught from within, grin with relief from forgiven sin,
As the government cleans itself, it sees what is outside itself as more dirty.
everybody clap your hands
Hey! This is a poem that I wrote describing the unfair economic system in America and how I feel being a woman of color in the USA and the daughter of refugees.
This is it. This world, This life, It’s all we have-- It’s our past, It's our present, It's our future, too. We have everything to lose. This is why I move.
We are the youth and we should know we want things to be more than now. A knowledge sleeps in the cracks of our knuckles and the straightness of our backs not just that things must change,
Exploded from nothing, just children of the stars All of a sudden, these little starts started to bloom. Little did we know, that we were our own doom.  
I have been affected. I have been touched. I have been dissected. I have been hushed. I have been affected By the death of those I love. I have been affected by the death you rain from above.
It’s me. I’m here. I want to change the world. That’s hard, I know, but it’s what I want to do. Being an activist is my dream, making sure we all have our full human rights.
iam  not bigand iam slow to speechi spend my nights aloneforging plans for better daysbecause i am a wallflower.wallflowers are unassumingagents of change.
When I was five years old,I heard that boys stood when they peed.Angry and jealous,I dragged my princess panties down to my ankles,Held my skirt above my belly button,
I could write 'love' on my arms  or mark X's on my hands,  but beyond this social expression, how am I to distinguish between awareness and self-indulgence?
People dedicating themselves wholly to an ideal Accepting a way of life that is almost surreal Submitting their transient needs for something greater Solving problems on coffee, feeling like a martyr
If everyone read National Geographic There would not be as many things to report about in National Geographic   If young girls were surrounded by images of beauty and strength
Missiles of mistrust and combating reality, 
While living in a refugee community for fourteen years, I saw many issues that needed to be fixed to make a better world. Many students weren't even allowed to be at school, and many those allowed, didn’t want to go to school.
Would you rather be in love OR would you rather be alone and heartbroken forever?   Would you rather learn and make your future successful OR would you rather have no future?
Breathe sound, breathe calm Take long breathes, give long hugs Dance in the rain, let it take the pain away Breathe soft, breathe proud Speak out loud Cry, sleep, dream and repeat
I write because I’m a bird underwater my feathers yearning for the day they become gills my wings learning to swim since the day that I learned the human race kills and then rebuilds their cities with the bodies
(poems go here)you are like a flower but it won't stay forever so never be proud.  
I write because I have a story to tell. A story of hurt, pain, and depression. I write to relieve pain. To try to foget the past. I write to spill the secrets of the past. I write to tell others that it will be okay.
So I was browsing the Internet the other day. I discovered a site that will be the perfect outlet for my pent up teen angst. Welcome to Tumblr. Where everyone is so loving an accepting.
Life really is what you make it. You can either be sad about a sad situation, or you can think about the positive.
I don’t know where I’m going, but how I get there’s up to me I give myself extra time for things I need to complete I still search for my four-leaf clover in a field of threes
(poems go here)Blinded by the light, wondering what brings the speeding thoughts rushing through my mind. Sorting through the piles of emotions, memories, and present feelings to find an understanding of who I am.
I can’t help but think way back, when things were laid back And people weren’t looking for payback I can honestly say that I miss that Back when you can wear what you want, with out having to worry
Spectators As the saying goes, in the city of the blind The one eyed man is king Well in the town of the mute, glorious is he who sings And when the majority is deaf, he who listens is left,
(poems go here)
(poems go here)Let this be a token, I leave the mic smoking  One with the track yeah the word is spoken The city leaves you broken eyes get swollen  You just want to cry till your whole body soaking
Of the darkness emerging from our souls, beyond threshold of the black mire falling headfirst into the pits dying, our souls
I’m about to give up, give in Hating, passivity It’s original sin Blood runs through our veins We forget we’re kin Where to begin? Where to begin?
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