If everyone read National Geographic

There would not be as many things to report about

in National Geographic


If young girls were surrounded by images of beauty and strength

the Himba Tribe of Africa, unaltered role models of genuinity,

Would they pinch their fatty parts in contempt, or would they dance?

Would they tear each other down, compete for a male's attention, 

or would they stand in solidarity, chant, laugh, and embrace?


If the general populace was bombarded with photographs of the Bialowieza Forest,

where wild bison roam, and millions of lives depend on a single fallen tree, 

would they continue to jot down notes, feelings, and scribbles on paper,

or would they let the trees speak for themselves?


If the common city-dwellers happened upon an article about the loss of our bees,

or the four types of apples they have tried, when that number could be in the thousands,

would they go to the store, or the garden? 

Would their thumbs be on a keyboard, or submerged in compost?


If you could change the world by shifting your pupils across a page, 

running fingers over raised dots, or listening to the words of a stranger, would you?


If we could change the world, simply by inviting ourselves into it, 

Can we?




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