The Final Solution


People dedicating themselves wholly to an ideal

Accepting a way of life that is almost surreal

Submitting their transient needs for something greater

Solving problems on coffee, feeling like a martyr

Intimate connections that become untouchable

Overachievement turns the moment eternal

No compromise, No other way

No pausing, No restraint

No option, No way out

No one understands, No one knows


There is only

the final



Against all odds and in the face of all resistance

Driven by emotion no time to listen

All evil becomes a necessity

Dedication turns to blind intensity

Passion removes the outside world

Passion calcifies ones intellectual build


Only remains

The final



They say its too important to consider the consequence

To serious to wait, hesitate or make concessions

No other option but to kill our fellow man

No gray area, no time to talk and plan


War and assasination

For religion or political motivation

A need for power, not deliberation

The first way through, blunt desecration

A careful decision, they say, the only option

I say to you, it's the lazy way through

I'd sooner give up everything, then resort to killing you


Something waits to be discovered

before the final stroke of the pen

before the pull of the trigger


the final



We could live without the drama of the one minded

Spare our humanity from the quarrel of the one sided

Everything from rediculous political analyst debates

To the cold war trying to drive us all extinct

I would say to you my brother if you hit me I won't reciprocate

Diplomats would say if you send your nukes, we'll sit and wait

Stop screaming to save the environment

Stop killing to change the goverment

Stop fighting to get your way

Stop loosing sleep to outdo your rivalry


Remember what you are, a complex biological mechanism

Cast off your philosophy, your honor and your egotism

Remember the dust from which you came

The point of it all, the only thing that matters

Foster and safeguard the human race, up into the stars



The world could do, with less passion

A little more, moderation

Join me will you?

In this

final solution



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