I Am An Activist

I am an activist because women have no say, because kids think abuse is normal, because suicide is a game; a twisted version of a competition where killing yourself is a form of entertainment. I am an activist because people of color have a stigma, because God "said so", because sending your kids to school with the same shoes every day gets them teased; they now can't stand going to school cause the kids call them "poor". I am an activist because "gay" is still an insult, because I shouldn't wear that due to my size, because my tongue is saying yes; I don't have to say a word because a picture is worth a thousand. I am an activist because animals can't speak, because the earth is dying, because guns are easily sold to teens; no questions asked just a "here you go". I am an activist because bullying people is just a joke, because she's too masculine and he's too feminine, because I have to check my outfit in the morning before school; make sure I look decent cause God forbid my belly button show. I am an activist because teens make scars along their entire body, because books are only for nerds, because creativity has an apparent filter; not this color, not that model, not here maybe over there. I am an activist because the number on the scale is too big, because "I'll just throw it up later", because nothing is wrong in my life but my demons don't care; they win every fight inside my head and leave a mark on my skin to tally the points. I am an activist because I will not be quiet.

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Our world
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